Why choose indie publishing over “traditional” publishing?

While traditional publishing may have its perceived ‘credibility perks’, going indie offers you a level of freedom and control that’s simply unmatched. For starters, you call the shots, from creative decisions to marketing strategies. No more waiting for approval or dealing with creative constraints from bigwigs who might not fully grasp your vision. You’re the boss! And perhaps most importantly, you retain the copyright to your book, so if you want to make an audiobook, or turn it into a course, or read it out word for word on YouTube, then you can! All the decisions are yours…

Financially speaking, indie publishing can be more lucrative, too. Say goodbye to measly 5-9% royalty rates and hello to a bigger slice of the pie. And, with print-on-demand technology, you won’t be left with a garage full of unsold books collecting dust.

Speed? Oh, you bet the indie route is faster. You can publish your masterpiece on your own terms, without waiting for a traditional publisher’s timeline. And don’t forget, there’s a thriving community of indie authors and professionals ready to support you every step of the way. Need an editor, cover designer, or marketing guru? No problem. I have a trusted network of good, trusted people, and they’re just a click away, and they’re all rooting for you. As am I!

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