Rediscover Your Nonfiction Book’s Potential

Remember the buzz of launching your book? The anticipation, the joy of seeing your name in print, and the flurry of initial sales? It’s a thrilling ride. But, like all rides, it eventually slows down. Sales dip, the buzz fades, and your once-talked-about book might start gathering digital dust on Amazon’s burgeoning shelves. It’s a common tale, yet it doesn’t have to end there. A book relaunch might just be the game-changer you need.

The Rollercoaster of Book Sales

Many authors see their book’s momentum slow down over time. It’s natural. Market trends shift, new competitors emerge, and what was once a hot topic might now seem a tad outdated. This decline isn’t a reflection of your book’s core value or your talent as an author; it’s just the nature of the market. Recognising this is the first step towards breathing new life into your work.

It really, really, (REALLY), isn’t about you. #Promise!

Common Challenges to Nonfiction Revitalisation

So, why do great books seem to fade into obscurity? Changing market dynamics play a big role. People are always posting on social media about the latest book they just bought. Amazon prefers to promote new books over old (fewer people own them at that stage!). This kind of slump is the easiest thing to fix and usually the biggest reason for the slump. Period.

Slightly tricker factors are perhaps the keywords that once pulled your audience in are now ‘off topic’ not ‘hot topic’. Or maybe your book cover has turned into a flamingo at a penguin party. It sticks out for the wrong reasons. Then, it puts people off because they’re not sure ‘this is the book’ for them.

Content, too, can age. Think social media advice, or small businesses listed as case study success stories that went under during Covid. This one is a bit of a nightmare to fix in terms of effort, but it’s doable. (Remember, the good news most of the time is the problem is you simply not telling people your book exists, so if you’re panicking…. don’t!)

Need some free tailored advice on what to do next? You’re in luck!

This is where my free online Book Relaunch Benchmark comes to your rescue. Think of it as a compass, guiding you through the murky waters of the relaunch process. It’s a comprehensive tool designed to help you identify the exact areas where your book (and your mindset) could use a facelift. From pinpointing unhelpful author thinking and behaviour to highlighting simple marketing strategies that will refresh your business book, the assessment lays it all out, making it easier for you to plan your next moves.

Strategies for Success: A Roadmap to Your Relaunch

Once you’ve got your hands on the insights from the Relaunch Benchmark Assessment, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Here’s how you can use those insights to your advantage:

  • Tell People About Your Book: Word of mouth and planned organic social media is super effective (and cheap if you’re on a tight budget!) Simple, but not always easy when your head’s not in the game.
  • Cover and Blurb Redesign: Do some market research and plan a new cover and description for your ‘flamingo’ that reflects bestselling ‘penguin’ competitors (attracting the right audience this time. 😉 )
  • Marketing Strategies: Revise your marketing approach so you promote your book where your audience hangs out.
  • Content Updates: (Remember, what’s inside your book is important, but, sadly, doesn’t directly generate sales!) If you do have secret doubts, then now is a good time to give things a refresh to bring your book more in line with what readers expect, or to update it if there have been significant changes in your industry.

Implementing these strategies can not only rejuvenate your book’s appeal but also reconnect you with readers and even capture a new audience.

Ready for a Relaunch?

It’s time to stop viewing your book as a static product. Like a houseplant, it needs long-term TLC if it’s not going to wither away. With the right strategy and mindset, rejuvenating your book’s sales and relevance is well within your reach. My free online Book Relaunch Benchmark is your first step towards this goal. It’s designed to give you a clear, actionable plan tailored to your book’s unique needs.

Feeling intrigued? Ready to see your book climb up the charts once again? Take my free two-minute Book Relaunch Benchmark today and rediscover the potential lying dormant in your masterpiece. Your readers are waiting for what you have to offer, and it’s time to deliver it anew.

Rediscover, rejuvenate, relaunch. Let’s turn the page to the next chapter of your book’s journey.

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