Time-Trapped by ‘Worthy’ Advice: A Year Isn’t a Magic Number

If you’re embarking on the journey of writing your first book, fueled by passion and armed with ideas, then you’ve probably encountered the ‘worthy’ book coach ot publisher, cloaked in self-importance, wielding the “It must take a year if it’s any good’ rule like a sacred edict from the publishing gods. 

“Thou shalt not publish before the year’s end,” they decree, as if creativity and insight adhere to a strict 365-day fermentation period.

This brand of coach, puffed up with their own sense of significance and a catalogue of rigid rules, is more akin to a publishing dictator than a guide. They patrol the borders of your creativity like the grammar police at marking time, ready to slap your wrists for every perceived infraction. But here’s the rub: writing your isn’t about conforming to someone else’s draconian timelines or arbitrary standards of worthiness. It’s about tailoring your expertise into a format you know readers will love. (I mean you did take the time to look at competitor books’ one or five star reviews, yeah?) 

It’s time to get real: The journey to publishing a book is as unique as the expertise it shares. Some thorny topics are ready to be shared with the world after a few intense days or weeks of writing. Others may indeed require the slow burn of a few months of refinement and reflection. 

The critical flaw in the ‘worthy’ coach’s philosophy is the belief that they have the only way that works. What if that rule was set up in the 1950s? Now people can dictate and polish 1,000 words in an hour all on their phones, why can’t they put in a full week and write their book faster so long as quality doesn’t drop?

It’s time to call out these know-it-alls for what they are: barriers to genuine expression and creativity, robbing many authors of the chance of even starting. 

A true book coach in the publishing world is one who recognises the diverse landscapes of authorship. They understand that the best books are born not from rigid adherence to rules but from the authentic and sometimes messy process of bringing a vision to life, whether it takes days, weeks or months.

The bottom line? Your book’s worth isn’t measured by an arbitrary calendar duration but by the depth of its content, the sincerity of its voice and its ability to meet reader and genre expectations. 

Break free from the arbitrary chains of the ‘worthy’ folk, and let your book’s true timeline unfold naturally. Be focused. Get it done. 

Remember, in the world of writing and publishing, the only rule worth following is to remain true to your vision to put together and write a book that makes a real difference in readers’ lives.

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