The Silent Publishing Battle: Why Book Coaches Need To Come Clean About Selling Books

Imagine reaching the crest of a hill, lungs burning, legs aching, only to discover what you thought was the summit is merely a false peak.

Beyond lies a range of even taller mountains you hadn’t prepared to climb. This jarring realisation hits many authors when they understand that completing their manuscript was merely the first challenge.

The colossal task ahead?


Alarmingly, numerous authors are left floundering in obscurity, seduced by the soothing but deceptive assurances of book coaches and publishers who promised an effortless journey to fame and fortune.

To paraphrase Wayne’s World: “Write is and they, and they will come.”

Except the status, sales, and speaking gigs do not tend to follow on. Instead, they find themselves ill-equipped for the real battle, armed with nothing more substantial than optimism and, if they were particularly unlucky and conned by a vanity publisher, a stack of unsold books under the stairs.

The truth is, effectively promoting a book is often akin to scaling a mountain without a map or tasty snacks to boost morale. It demands strategy, endurance, and a commitment far beyond the act of writing itself. It’s not merely about broadcasting your message into the ether. It’s about ensuring that message finds the right ears, at the opportune moment, in the most impactful way possible.

Readers. Influencers. Potential clients. It’s all the same.

The antidote to this harsh awakening is clear-eyed realism and preparedness.

Indie authors need to embark on their promotional odyssey fully aware that the journey to successful sales is often more arduous and labyrinthine than the writing process ever was. (This is exactly why most book coaches shy away from the commercials apart from glib promises. If they did say how much commitment it takes, people wouldn’t start their books with them!)

Yet, this challenge, while daunting, like the mountain peak up ahead on your walk, is not insurmountable. With the appropriate arsenal of strategies, tools, and allies, and a good dose of self-belief and motivation, authors tired legs can traverse the complex terrain of book marketing with finesse.

Sharing your backstory, the book’s story, and helpful highlights, you’re well on the way to correcting the problem.

Cultivating a vibrant community of followers, to help spread the word, making genuine connections at events, and collaborating with podcasters and influencers can help you chart a faster course through the promotional wilderness.

It’s about crafting a comprehensive sustainable strategy that extends your reach beyond your Amazon listing and actively fostering meaningful connections with your audience. The right mentor in this journey of ascent won’t just push you out the door with a sandwich and a raincoat. They will highlight the critical importance of promotion while offering the hands-on assistance and mental support required to avoid the pitfalls of obscurity.

Many authors I meet talk about ‘the ick factor’ when it comes to book promotion. The old doubts that plagued them during the planning stage come back to roost again. In the world of publishing, as in the trek through those deceptive hills, being forewarned indeed means being forearmed.

It’s time for book coaches to come clean and work hard to get sales for their mentees. Else, what’s the point?

Writing a book no one reads has to be the ultimate shelf-help tragedy.

Let’s change that narrative. Let’s not just write books; let’s ensure they soar.

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PS And remember, ask whichever book coach you pick for proof of success before you part with any cash. If they have no good news stories run away.

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