The Never-Ending Journey of Marketing Your Book

Hey there, weary book warrior! Ever felt like your once-cherished nonfiction tome is merely murmuring from the sidelines, struggling to snag any spotlight? It’s a story many share, yet I assure you, the twist in the tale isn’t written in the stars but in your strategy.

Re-Engaging Your Audience through Effective Marketing

Launching your book is like sending a rocket into space – thrilling, right? But what happens when the fuel runs low? Do you just let it drift into the void? Heck no! Marketing your book is an endless journey, one that needs as much care and attention as your writing. Books don’t sell themselves. That’s why big publishers work with celebrities… the celebrity has a big hungry audience to market it. It’s all about keeping your book in the limelight, nurturing that hungry audience, and making sure it continues to dazzle and engage in the long term.

“Please make it stop…. I mean “sell!”

You might not feel like it. You might want to curl up in the corner. But every marketing move is a step forward, not back. Got a strategy that didn’t pan out when you gave it a good go? No sweat. That’s not failure. That’s gold dust. You’re homing in on what does sell your book. It’s super annoying that it’s not guaranteed that hard work equals more book sales. Sorry. That’s a fact for everyone selling books. You have to keep working on what works. If you do nothing (as you have probably discovered) your book sales do nothing either!

The digital dance floor is always changing. What worked yesterday might not today. Be ready to switch up your steps, try new moves, and keep in rhythm with the audience. (Fiction authors are crushing it with TikTok (my personal idea of hell!) Look how competitors are promoting their books. What could you implement?

Your book’s essence, its soul, doesn’t fade. You wrote that book because you want to help people solve a problem. You have spent years working out where to give a tap of your hammer to get great results. Focus on making sure people get that help, rather than slumping looking at your Amazon KDP Royalties report. It’s about reminding the world of your book’s timeless value. It makes readers’ hearts race and minds whirl with potential. Bottle that feeling whenever you think you just can’t face promoting your book again.

But, Colette, you’ve sold 200,000 books? Surely there’s a silver bullet somewhere?

Alas no. Every book is different, just like every dinner party is different. There’s different settings, different people, different expectations. Just like what works for a beach barbecue won’t work for a black tie awards dinner. But there is one tool that can shine a spotlight on how you feel about your book and how it’s affecting sales. Think of this as your VIP invite to get personalised help from me right now with my two-minute free, online assessment tool. It pinpoints where your mindset and strategic actions might need a tune up – and it will tell what’s going well. You had the courage to get your book out there, right? So, keep your chin up and check it out.

Strategies for Success: Giving you and your book some va-va-voom again!

Once you’ve got your hands on the insights from the Relaunch Benchmark Assessment, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Here’s how you can use those insights to your advantage:

  • Tell People About Your Book: You love your book and you know it can help people. Let them know you’re spreading the word to promote it. Be honest. People know book sales often are tough to obtain. Rehearse letting them know your book is there waiting for them and how it helps…. then make that post!
  • Consistency Over Intensity: If you prioritise a consistent presence over sporadic bursts, you’ll build a steady relationship with your audience, keeping your book on their radar. If you’re short on time how about a Friday afternoon musing tip with something people can mull over Saturday and Sunday, or Monday morning motivation for something more upbeat.
  • Support other authors: I am not talking about some spammy click-pod here, but if another author has a book you love, show them support. Get used to talking about books in public. Your thoughtfulness and support will generate reader interest in your book.

Implementing these strategies can not only rejuvenate your feelings about your book but reconnect you with readers again and even capture a new audience.

Ready to refresh your book marketing mindset?

If you’re spirits have been lifted a little and you feel ready to dance to a new marketing rhythm, my Book Relaunch Benchmark Assessment is your ticket to the ball. It’s not just about spotting where your sales can improve. It’s about discovering how shifting your mindset can unlock doors to creative and effective marketing strategies to bring your book back from the brink.

Feeling intrigued? Ready to see your book climb up the charts once again? Take my free two-minute Book Relaunch Benchmark today and rediscover the potential lying dormant in your masterpiece. Your readers are waiting for what you have to offer, and it’s time to deliver it anew.

Embrace these mindset shifts, and watch as your marketing strategies transform not just your book’s visibility, but also your relationship with your audience. Let’s make your book the talk of the town once again. Ready, set, relaunch!

(If you’re not sure where to start with this, check out my free guide: How to write a nonfiction book.)

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