The Great “Published Author” Con Job: When Journals Turn Into Jokes

Alright, let’s dive into a very murky end of the publishing pool and fish out one of the biggest, slipperiest scams going around: the ‘publish your journal and become a published author overnight’ hustle. 

Picture this: You’re fired up, whooping, thinking that you’re about to join the ranks of the publishing elite, only to realise you’ve been sold a lemon. This scheme is less about turning you into the next big thing and more about turning your aspirations into someone else’s cash flow. 

Calling these glorified notebooks ‘books’ is like calling a kiddie pool the Pacific Ocean. They promise you authority, expertise, and recognition, but what you’re really getting is about as influential as a tweet, I mean X, lost in the Xverse. 

The highlight of your ‘publication’? Hopefully a snazzy cover that screams “I tried!” while the content whispers “but not really.”

Fast forward a bit, and there’s your masterpiece, collecting digital dust in the shadowy corners of Amazon, occasionally nabbing a sympathy review from a well-meaning relative who still thinks you’re going places. Bravo, you’ve officially sabotaged your credibility for the low, low cost of your dignity and a chunk of your savings.

A book with an Amazon Best Seller Ranking (ABSR) that’s longer than a central London telephone number, and one five-star review and a one-star rating does nothing but undermine your authority and calls into doubt the initial and long-term validity of your system. If it was great there would be more reviews and healthy resales? Or maybe it’s only me that see’s the emperor’s new clothes thing going on here.

Let’s get one thing crystal clear—being a published author is about bringing real value to the table. It’s about diving headfirst into your field, wrestling with ideas, and emerging with something that can genuinely help, inspire, or entertain your readers. If you’re going down the journal route, don’t just slap together a few inspirational quotes, a few lines and a checkbox and call it a day. Fill that baby with so much wisdom and practical advice that it becomes indispensable. Test it out on paper. Refine it… then build it in a day if you want.

When it comes to journals, quality trumps quick thrown-together nonsense every time. Crafting a book that stands the test of time, that makes people sit up and take notice, requires more than just a weekend and a word processor. It demands your time, your passion, and a hefty dose of authenticity. In the sprawling wilderness of publishing, taking the path less travelled by focusing on substance over speed is what will make you a beacon, not just another flash in the pan.

So, before you get seduced by the siren song of instant authorship with a journal, remember: the goal isn’t just to slap “author” on your LinkedIn profile. It’s to make an impact, to stir souls, to spark minds. Anything less? Well, that’s just adding to the noise. Let’s aim higher, folks.

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