“Colette is just fabulous. You can just see that her professional work oozes class. She doesn’t bullshit you, knows her craft inside out and the results speak for themselves.”
Barry Bray

“It’s really inspiring to see how [Colette] has built up her publishing business and book coaching. If you want to publish a book, you will hugely benefit from having Colette on your side.”
Tim Martin

“Under [Colette’s] guidance, I not only expanded this rudimentary idea into a book… but also devised a detailed outline delineating content for each section. Her instructional approach… was particularly beneficial for someone like myself.”
Kalyani Pardeshi

“Colette has been an absolute godsend for my book publishing journey… Her honest, no-nonsense style is exactly what I need.”
Pete White

“Having known Colette… I have always been impressed with her ferocious attention to detail, drive to meet or exceed deadlines and ability to get a book out of those who struggled to write theirs and on time too.”
Maurice Watts

“Colette is a high performer who knows her stuff… She is both passionate and capable.”
Kevin Joseph Collinson

“Colette coached me through the whole process of planning, writing and publishing my book ‘The Clarity Project’. She knows her stuff.”
Liam Thompson:

“I mapped out my book and got more clarity in a week than I’ve done in the previous years… She’ll kick your ass when it gets hard, give you a hug when you succeed.”
Abi Lemon

“What’s really cool is the techniques that Colette taught during [the writing challenge] are the ones I’m actually using now to write this testimonial.”
David James

“The course was perfectly constructed so as to simplify the process required to successfully complete. Not only did I complete but I also achieved 2000 words in an hour and I’ve learned a process that will be invaluable.”
Patsy McGlynn

“I have just finished Colette’s write 1000 words in an hour challenge and must say it was amazing. The training was useful and delivered in a manner which I was really comfortable with.”
Simon Faulkner-Barrett

“Last week I completed the One Hour one thousand words challenge F E C K I N G B R I L L I A N T. Colette has a great way to take a concept and break it down into a simple, easy to follow course/challenge.”
Patrick Durey

“If you’re serious about writing a book… Then you need Colette’s online courses!”
Bart Schroeven

“Colette, your methods and techniques are truly life changing… Your way of working is fantastic and easy to follow and can help create content and share ideas quickly and more importantly, painlessly.”
Maria McHale

“I have just completed the One Hour One Thousand Words Challenge run by Colette and can thoroughly recommend her process.”
Ajay Pattni

“Each lesson was incredibly well put together, attractively laid out, enjoyable and involved just the right amount of work each day to set you up for success. This is the genius of her approach.”
Louise Carrier

“This lady is incredible at what she does… Colette provides you with the map from head to book and guides you every step of the way.”
Dean Coulson

“I ended the challenge writing a 2300 word article, fully edited, in about an hour and a half… Colette is a great teacher, super engaged, and all around fun person to spend time with.”
Brian Keith

“My first draft of my book was planned and fully written in TWO DAYS… Colette made the process very smooth.”
Jeremy Kraft

“Colette is extremely thorough when she is helping an author… She taught me some tricks of the trade that I wouldn’t have known without her help.”
Bobbie Jean Ashley

“Colette is a perfectionist, which means her systems are flawless and she pushes her authors to produce the best books possible.”
Greg Fidgeon

“From when I started on the journey of writing my book… Colette made the process very smooth. She helped me every step of the way.”
Tyson Brown

“Colette makes what seems to be a dream for most- to write a book, easy and straightforward.”
Venard Fong

“Colette is a joy to work with… She treated my book like it was hers and she was determined to help me succeed.”
Paul Wakefield

“Following [Colette’s] method I could produce a highly popular published book in such a short time.”
Jane Akshar

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