On the hunt for the crème de la crème of business book planning experiences? Look no further, because my premium book planning day is the secret sauce you need. Face-to-face or via Zoom, we’ll share a day together, deep-diving into your distinctive system and hard-earned wisdom—and blend it with mine.

Premium BOOK Planning

Your Bestseller OUTLINED NAILED iN One DAY

In just one day, we will craft your entire book outline, meticulously QA-ing every detail to ensure accuracy, clarity, and credibility. We leave no room for weaknesses or waffle—instead, we’ll collaborate to sort everything out and create a book that radiates brilliance. But it doesn’t stop there. Our focus is not only on the book itself, but also on positioning you as an expert and maximising the monetisation potential of your knowledge with ethical upsells your readers will love.

Through my proven process, countless premium clients have stormed the bestseller lists, delivered inspiring TEDx Talks, and achieved an average Amazon rating of 4.5 stars or more. Are you ready to join this prestigious club?

As we build your book from the ground up, we’ll make sure every aspect is honed to perfection:

  • Craft a unique book premise that makes you stand out from the crowd. Identify your target reader, ensuring your material efficiently meets their needs and resonates powerfully.
  • Create crystal-clear chapters, each thoroughly planned and consistent, ready for your elaboration.
  • Determine the resources to be included in your book, enhancing your readers’ success and offering valuable insights.
  • Strategically position interactive exercises, reflection points, and quizzes throughout your book to boost implementation and mastery.
  • Bake in an ethical monetisation strategy, ensuring your book educates and presents fresh business opportunities.
  • Conduct a thorough critique of the entire outline to ensure quality, credibility, and profitability.
  • Create a fully mapped-out version of your expertise, repurposeable for courses, blog posts, webinars, and more.
  • Transfer your idea to a customised dual-purpose Kindle and paperback template, giving it the appearance of a ‘proper book’ from the get-go—just add the words.

Give your inner author the green light and leave a mark on the world with my entertaining and enlightening businesss book planning package.

I can’t wait to help you bring your book to life

Apply now to secure your place for just £1600 (inc VAT)

Important note

My business book coaching packages are designed for those who thrive on structure and are excited about creating a well-planned, well-thoughtout book from the outset. If you prefer to write freely, wander through the experience and fix mistakes after your book is published, these packages will not be the best fit for you.

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