Want to grab your reader’s attention from the get-go? This personalised package will deliver a captivating book cover and an enticing blurb that’s designed to boost your book’s marketability and win over readers hearts and minds.

Premium book marketing cover and blurb


Ready to dial up the heat on your book’s cover design? Look no further! This personalised package delivers the goods, including pointed feedback, guidance, and a full design service for both Kindle and print editions. Here’s what you’re signing up for:

  • A custom book cover design (or redesign) that’s primed to snag reader attention like a hawk on the hunt
  • Professionally crafted blurb writing – your blurb’s not here to bore, it’s here here to entice, to hook potential readers!
  • Deep-dive mrketing analysis for cover trends, competitor-book sales performance, and keywords to boost sales
  • Amping up your book’s marketability and discoverability with carefully crafted tweaks to make it work for people and for Amazon search

This isn’t about tossing your book into the crowd and hoping for the best. It’s about giving it a compelling cover, a tantalising description, and an Amazon-optimised listing – everything it needs to give the big-shot business book authors a run for their money.

Secure your place now for just £699 (inc VAT)

Important note

My business book coaching packages are designed for those who thrive on structure and are excited about creating a well-planned, well-thoughtout book from the outset. If you prefer to write freely, wander through the experience and fix mistakes after your book is published, these packages will not be the best fit for you.

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