Are you ready to make a powerful impact with your book’s first impression? Our bespoke service ensures your book’s cover and blurb aren’t just good—they’re unforgettable. With our expertise, your book will not only capture attention but also hold it, ensuring readers are compelled to buy, read, and rave about it.



Is it time to turn up the wattage on your book’s market presence? You’re in the right place. This custom-tailored package delivers impactful cover designs and persuasive blurbs, redefining how both Kindle and print audiences see your book.

Here’s what I’ll do for you:

  • Market trend analysis: We dive into the nitty-gritty of what’s working in your market, analysing cover trends and sales data to create your book cover to maximise sales performance.
  • Custom book cover design: More than just eye-catching—your cover is a visual pitch for your book’s value and content, ensuring you stand out in a saturated market and build trust with a wider, new audience.
  • Professional blurb copywriting: Forget yawning readers; we’re here to engage and captivate. Our blurbs don’t just describe; they sell your book.
  • Human and SEO-driven optimisation: Your book’s cover and blurb will be fine-tuned for Amazon’s algorithms and popular search terms, enhancing your book’s long term discoverability and marketability for maximum impact long after your core audience has bought it.

It doesn’t matter how great your content is. If your cover and blurb are below professional standards, you WILL alienate readers.

This programme isn’t about tossing your book into the crowd and hoping for the best again. It’s about giving your pride and joy a compelling cover, a tantalising description, and an Amazon-optimised listing. It’s a calculated, data-driven design approach to place your book shoulder-to-shoulder with top-tier business titles.

Books are judged by their covers, but many indie publishers and coaches are not judged by their performance sadly. Author dreams are crushed by these people. Maybe that happened to you?

So, why trust me? I have sold over 200,000 books and I am closing in on 20 million Kindle page reads for my pen name. Unlike other book coaches, I KNOW what needs to happen to make books fly off the shelves and SELL – and what makes them collect dust and flop.

Ready to fix your book cover and blurb? Apply now. I’d love to help you.

Secure your place now for just £997 (plus VAT)

Important note

My Pitch Perfect cover strategy sessions are designed for those who thrive on structure and are excited about creating a well-planned, well-thoughtout book from the outset. That’s why I ask for applications before we work together. If you prefer to think up any old nonsense, shove it in a book, and fix it when the one-stars reviews and poor sales-figures start rolling in, my methods are not for you….

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