IS IT TIME TO Reignite Your AUTHOR Spark?

Tired THAT Your Speaking Career IS Flying But
Your Book is STILL Stuck on The Shelf?

Are you a speaker who once dreamt your book would be the cornerstone of your professional life, only to watch it get sink down into the dark deep depths of Amazon? Have you felt the sting of seeing your book’s potential go untapped?

Did you pour your heart, soul, and the best of your expertise into pages that now seem to vanish into the void, unnoticed and uncelebrated?

You’re not alone. And it’s not too late. But you need to act now.

When I have looked at the data, the people who didn’t actively promote their books saw them tumble 200,000 places a week across and You really don’t want your book to sink any further. A book languishing with more than 1 million books (often terrible books!) ahead of it, with two measly reviews, is not the way to prove you are a bona fide expert. Agreed? Good!

Introducing the “Reignite Your Author Spark” Masterclass

This a lifeline exclusively crafted for speakers like you. This free on-demand online workshop is dedicated to breathing new life into how you feel about your book, with practical advice on transforming it from overlooked to treasured.


I am a BOOK COACH, author and publisher with a proven track record


Under my
pen name


My own book
sales in 4 years


On Kindle


Several featured
on BBC News


Coached and
published by me


Sustained sales
in multiple genres

Why This Masterclass?

  • Because Authors are Exhausted by Launch: You’re tired of thinking about your book and all the decisions and you stop talking about your book.
  • Because Your Book Deserves a Second Chance: You’ve seen success on the stage. Your advice is valuable. Now, it’s time for your book to share the same spotlight.
  • Expert Strategies, Tailored for Speakers: Dive deep into techniques that leverage your communication skills to boost your book’s visibility and appeal.
  • Revive Your Connection: Rekindle the fire and passion for your book. Fall back in love with your creation and remember why it matters.
  • Practical, Actionable Advice: From knowing how to tweak your Amazon listing, sprinkle reader appeal on your cover or blurb, building a support team, to launching a revitalised pre-scheduled evergreen promotion campaign, walk away with a plan you can implement immediately. Includes a free follow-along PDF with spaces for notes and a checklist to help you plan and implement your rescue plan.

Who This IS For…

  • 🎙You’re a seasoned speaker: You’ve wowed audiences across the your homeland and beyond, but your book isn’t enjoying the same spotlight.
  • 📚 You sense something is ‘off’ with your book but you don’t know what: Despite working hard on your book it was your first one, and you worry it lacks reader appeal.
  • 💡 You’re an expert in your field: You’ve shared valuable insights through speaking and consulting, but your book hasn’t had the chance to make the same impact with a wider, scalable audience.
  • 👀 You’ve experienced late-night worries: The contrast between your professional successes and your concerns about your book’s unrealised potential leaves you questioning what went wrong.
  • 📈 You’re looking for a legacy beyond the stage: You dream of your book being recommended and respected, hoping it will extend your influence and legacy far beyond the applause in the room.
  • 🔄 You’re ready for a change: You acknowledge the need to rejuvenate your book’s presence and are seeking actionable steps and help to relaunch it effectively.


  • Why books lose their sparkle on Amazon: Plus techniques to revive your book the comeback it deserves.
  • Why authors get burned out with promotion: Then how to seamlessly integrate your speaking engagements and book promotions without missing a beat.
  • Long-term strategies: Easy, repeatable techniques for maintaining momentum and ensuring your book continues to impact lives and you don’t get jaded.
  • Delegation vs discipline: What are suitable promotional activities to outsource, and what are best kept in house.
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