Instant Author, Instant Regret: The Truth Behind Rogue Rapid Book Coaches

Have you heard the dreaded phrase: ‘To turn yourself into a business guru by sunrise, crank out that business book!’ 

I’d rather not. We all know the drill by now…

  • Toss together some thoughts in a PDF. (Really cut some corners with randomly scraped AI-rewritten blog posts that belong to someone else!)
  • Slap a Canva cover on it, any old template will do.
  • Upload a .jpg and a PDF to KDP
  • … and bam—that ‘book coach’ is now the ‘voice of authority.’

Hey since they’re in for a roll, why not really knock out out of the park and be ‘the book coach who coaches other rogue book coaches!’ I mean, that one book that sold 10 copies, so that makes them an expert right?

This publishing nonsense is as believable as becoming a property billionaire by playing Monopoly.  This whole ‘become an author in a day’ spiel is selling you a dream that’s about as solid as a soap bubble. And don’t get me started on journals in a day! (A post for another time.)

Here’s the straight scoop…

Repurposed books suck because the wrong corners get cut

Pumping out a book with less depth than a puddle isn’t going to elevate you to thought leader status. It’s a shortcut to nowhere. True respect and authority in any field come from sharing genuine insights, not from racing to hit the ‘publish’ button. 

It’s about (some but not tons of) grind, the thoughtful exploration of your topics, and using your voice and perspective to truly connect with those you aim to serve.

Yet plenty of “book coaches” still stand on the sidelines cheering along, waiting to relieve you of your £797 of cold hard cash. Publishing is full of pivoting peacocks, pushing this fast-lane to fame nonsense. 

Equally unhelpful are the ones insisting you need to spend an eternity polishing every word for a year before it’s worth even sending it out in the light of the day. 

Both camps are missing the mark. The essence isn’t in the speed of your output but in the authenticity and relevance of your message.

Don’t rely on a book coach that has only published one book—their own

And if that ‘book’ was a flimsy journal, definitely run! This ‘insta-author approach’, with the blind leading the blind, is like expecting instant noodles to taste like a restaurant meal—it’s quick, easy, but ultimately unsatisfying in comparison.

Building a genuine presence and authority is about more than instant gratification. It’s about crafting a book that resonates, inspires, offering insights that matter, and truly engaging with your audience- and like a magic wand, getting them that all important result as quickly as possible – that when ‘rapid’ comes into publishing.


To conclude, take the time to dive into your experiences, share your lessons learned, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It takes far less time to create a solid plan than it does to pull tens of thousands of randomly repurposed words back on track. Someone who published a glorified notebook (sorry, a journal) is not the person to turn to.

Being a business-building book author is about providing real value, guiding your readers through their challenges with the wisdom you’ve gained on your journey. That’s how you build lasting influence and a devoted following. 

Anything less? You’re just another voice in an already overcrowded room.

Rooky rapid book coaches: Happily turning self-publishing into self-sabotage.

Best avoided if you ask me.

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