Hiring Vanity Publishers: The Catastrophe Waiting to Happen

Ah! These folks love circling round budding authors like vultures looking for their next feed….

Vanity publishing is like walking into what you think is a Michelin-starred restaurant. You’ve paid an arm and a leg upfront, expecting a culinary masterpiece. But what do you get? A reheated frozen meal that wouldn’t even pass muster in a school cafeteria.

That’s vanity publishing for you.

They woo you with the promise of seeing your name in print, of holding your book in your hands, only to deliver something that looks like it’s been through a rough night out and a fight with a hedge trimmer. And the kicker? You’re left with a garage full of these ‘gourmet meals,’ a bank account that’s seen better days, and a taste of bitter disappointment.”

But here’s the rub, and it’s something I think a lot of authors miss in the heat of the moment.

Real publishing, like fine dining, is a two-way street. It’s not about forking over cash to see your words printed. A true publishing partner, they’re like the chef who’s invested in every dish that comes out of the kitchen. They’re not charging you for the privilege of pinging something for you. They’re getting paid because people love what they’re serving up… and their love their craft.

So, for any aspiring authors out there, it’s about more than just wanting to see your book out there. It’s about imagining and creating something worth reading, finding the right ‘restaurant’ that believes in your ‘culinary skills,’ and together, serving up a feast that readers can’t wait to dive into.

Don’t settle for the microwave meal when you could be part of creating your gourmet author experience.

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