Harnessing Reviews and Testimonials for Your Book Relaunch

Hello weary author warrior. Did you know a whopping 84% of folks trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from mates? In the digital age, your book’s reviews are its lifeline, its beacon to potential readers navigating the vast sea of books on Amazon. Imagine the power of a well-placed word, the right nudge that turns a browser into an avid reader and then, fingers crossed, a vocal advocate.

The Challenge of Gathering Feedback

Let’s face it, mustering book reviews can feel like herding cats. You know your book’s great, your mum thinks it’s fantastic, and the a few Facebook friends think it’s mind-blowing. But where’s the wider chorus of praise from happy readers?

Well, only one in fifty to one hundred readers will typically leave any book a review, unless the author takes positive action to boost that. And the stats get worse. Low reader engagement, the dreaded one-star drive-by dragging your stars down, the mystery of why some people’s reviews never end up on your listing end up despite screenshotting the entry form, coupled an understandable hesitation to ask people in the first place because your book’s not exactly thriving – the struggle is real. But what if you could turn the tables on this mess?

For many authors, especially those with niche expertise-based books, drumming up reviews feels like trying to fill a sieve with water. Reviews are the lifeblood of your book’s second wind, yet sparking that initial conversation or reigniting it during a relaunch can seem a Herculean task. Whether it’s imagining tumbleweeds not stars on your Amazon page, or the sheer awkwardness of asking for reviews, the struggle is all too real.

How About a Free Assessment

Wondering where your book’s letting you down? Take my free two-minute benchmark tool for a test drive. It’s a personal guide through the review battlefield and other unforeseen factors that conspire to pull the rug from under your book. This isn’t just a quiz. It’s a personalised assessment that highlights the hurdles you’re facing in gathering those coveted reviews. It’s a bit like having a heart-to-heart with your book, uncovering its deepest needs and the secrets to fulfilling its potential. Interested? Click the button. 🙂

Three ways to give your book some va-va-voom again!

Once you’ve got your hands on the insights from my Relaunch Benchmark, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Here’s how you can use those insights to your advantage:

  • Enhance Reader Engagement: Focus on building a strong connection with your audience through active engagement on social media, email newsletters, and author events. Engaging with your readers can naturally lead to an increase in genuine reviews as people feel more connected to you and your work and want to show their support. Never ever offer a reward or incentive for leaving a review. It’s against Amazon’s terms of service and they will ban you from the platform.
  • Utilise Social Proof: Share snippets of existing reviews and testimonials on your social media and author platforms. Seeing others share their thoughts can unconsciously inspire readers to leave their own feedback, contributing to a cycle of positive reinforcement and wider visibility. You can add a link to your book on your review post inviting people to read more of your reviews. Once supporters are on your page, there’s a good chance they will leave one without being directly promoted.
  • Share why you wrote the book: Share social media posts that show why you care about readers getting great results. Show the real person behind the book. This also helps build rapport, trust, and a loyal fan base, a community far more predisposed to saying why they like your book without any question of inducement. (I write these blog posts because I know most indie business book authors sell about 50 copies…. I hate that statistic!)

When your book seems to be sinking into obscurity, the last thing you might want to do is shout about it. But who better to champion your work than you? Your book, your expertise, is a beacon of knowledge, a solution to a problem only you can solve. Embrace your unique position. Your personal brand is the key to unlocking your book’s potential. Remember, the only person who can truly market your book with passion and authenticity is you. It does take work, but remember a positive review lasts for life not just for Christmas. 🙂

Ready to refresh your book marketing mindset?

Remember, your book is a reflection of your hard work, dedication, and unique insight. Marketing might seem daunting, especially when trying to encourage reviews within the constraints of various platforms’ terms of service .However, your authentic connection with your readers and consistent engagement, and reaching out via being helpful in groups, on podcasts, and while speaking creates a strong foundation for genuine organic reviews.

Does the thought of self-promotion make you uneasy. Are you’re unsure how to navigate the intricacies of nonfiction book marketing without stepping over any lines? Take my free two-minute Book Relaunch Benchmark today. Tailored advice is just a click away, providing you with the insights needed to enhance your book’s presence responsibly and effectively..

Take the first step now. Let’s transform your book relaunch from a daunting task into an exciting journey of wider engagement and personal discovery.

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