If you prefer some expert guidance while retaining control over your writing project, my guided packages are the ideal choice. You’ll have the opportunity to receive personalised feedback on your work as you follow my checklists. This strikes the perfect balance between independence and professional input, ensuring that you have the support you need to bring your book to life, and stay within your budget.

Expert Guidance for Impactful Books

Elevate your writing with the guided expert review, designed to provide personalised support and insights for your book writing technique. The is best done after you have written and reviewed a couple of chapters so there is plenty of material to assess, and plenty still left for you to write with your new writing skills and attention to detail.

  • in-depth, two-hour critique of one complete chapter
  • general advice on up two more chapters
  • feedback on consistency, clarity, and quality
  • expert insights on developing engaging exercises, quizzes, and case studies
  • practice techniques for effective teaching, storytelling, interactivity and reader encouragement and guidance
  • two asynchronous follow up coaching sessions for on-going support

This package ensures your writing is engaging and effective, providing valuable guidance to enhance your book’s impact and transform you into an outstanding educator on paper. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a well-structured, captivating book that will leave your readers wanting more!

A half-day session with follow up feedback for just £399.

Editing Masterclass:
PersonaliSed WRITING Review & Self-Edit Guide

Do you need a little more support with your book editing? Look no further than the Editing Masterclass package, which provides specific feedback and guidance for authors looking to improve their manuscript’s effectiveness, and support in gathering and applying beta reader insights.

  • a thorough review and critique of one chapter, providing in-depth feedback on clarity, consistency, and quality
  • an overview of what to correct in the rest of your manuscript
  • set up your beta-reader briefing pack and assess the responses
  • two asynchronous follow up coaching sessions for on-going support

This package provides a little more support with by reviewing and suggesting how to apply the beta reader feedback effectively.

A half-day session with follow up feedback for just £399.

GUIDED Interior Formatting:
A review of your content with styling advice

Enhance your book’s interior with this guided assessment package, designed to help you create a consistent, clear and legible visually-appealing reading experience.

  • an assessment of the suitability of your current material for conversion to Kindle
  • an assessment of competitor books to look for design features that are mentioned favouraly in reviews for boosting the reader-experience.
  • a critique of formatting consistency, to make sure every type of information in your book has a standard style, for example headings and subheadings, exercises, answers, worked examples, case studies, stories, bulleted lists, hints, tips and warnings and more
  • creating a tailor-made Microsoft Word template that matches the interior style of competitor books so your book will feel familiar and trustworthy to those readers
  • two asynchronous follow up coaching sessions for on-going support

A half-day session with follow up feedback for just £399.


ake control of your book’s success and lighten the financial burden of hiring expert services with my DIY Business Book Crowdfunding Pack. This pack is specifically designed for authors who want to learn the ins and outs of fundraising to finance their book’s production and promotion. By implementing the advice in this pack, you will:

  • lower the impact of hiring expert services to help you create a high-quality book.
  • build lasting relationships with supporters and create a loyal fan base.
  • infuse excitement and fun into your book launch, while expanding your coaching business.
  • raise your profile and establish yourself as an authority in your field.
  • positively impact more lives by sharing your valuable insights and advice.
  • embrace the opportunity to alleviate the stress of funding your book expenses and confidently launch your book to the world.
  • enjoy the journey and celebrate your accomplishments as you step into the limelight as an author and expert in your field.

Celebrate your achievements and acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and courage it took to write and promote your book. Be proud of your accomplishments and enjoy the lasting success that comes with effective book promotion. Launch your top-notch book with a BANG!

A half-day session with follow up feedback for just £399.

Important note

My business book coaching packages are designed for those who thrive on structure and are excited about creating a well-planned, well-thoughtout book from the outset. If you prefer to write freely, wander through the experience and fix mistakes after your book is published, these packages will not be the best fit for you.

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