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It’s time to finally make your author dream come true!

Want to map out your business book in a day? Read on…

Are you dreaming of being a successful published author but you’re stuck?

Would you like an answer to any or all of these common problems?

  • Not sure where to start?
  • Worried your book will suck?
  • Not sure you have the time to write it?

It’s challenging to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper
in a way that makes sense to another person…

You have a lot to say, but whenever you put pen to paper, it all comes out wrong. How do you decide what to include in each section? So, what comes first? If you want to organise your thoughts properly, how should you do it? Which details should you highlight, and which can you skip over? Exactly who are you addressing this letter?

If you want your ideas to come across clearly to your readers, careful book planning is a must. Further, it provides you with a coherent and engaging book outline that can be used as a guide as you write. Authors who are just getting started with any kind of nonfiction project will benefit greatly from My Book Planning, but books about business and self-improvement that are built around a signature system will thrive with my help.

My extensive background in publishing and my natural flair for organising text will prove invaluable at every stage of the book planning process. At the end of it, you’ll know exactly who your target audience is, what each chapter of your book will be about, and how you’re going to get it all written in the time you have.

How it works

The first step in the book planning process is a short session in which we talk about your book’s purpose for you and your target audience. You’ll come up with a few ideas then settle on the best one.

Then, you’ll take that book idea and work out the key point for each chapter, so that the reader will get the result your book promises.

Then you’ll decide how you could expand on those points, with text, images, guided research exercises and practice exercises. This is key to bringing your teaching to life and encouraging the reader to finish the book and implement your advice

After that, you’ll review all your research and come up with a single, consistent, clear, complete and logical book outline.

Your outline will be put in a formatted book template, so it looks great. This is critical to making your information look credible and trustworthy.

FREE: Two special bonus sessions

Book monetisation

New for this session is advice on how to make money from the advice in your book.

  • How to use crowdfunding to pay for your publishing expenses.
  • How to generate income by sharing your system in your book

Writing skills for people who hate writing

To help you get rapid results, there’s some pointers on what to do with your outline

  • How to write quickly and well
  • How to minimise editing and rework

The special launch price is £199 (inc VAT) for a group coaching place, including the book template, monetisation and writing advice.

Join me on 14 November 2022 and let’s plan your book so that you can begin your writing journey with confidence.

If you have a signature system that you want to share in a high-quality credibility-boosting book, this is book planning day is for you.

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