Do you need a book coach?

Wondering if you need a nonfiction book coach for your writing journey is common. What role do they play? How can they really help? Is it possible to do without one?

It’s essential to understand that a book coach isn’t a mandatory for writing a nonfiction book based on your expertise, especially if you’re used to teaching your material. The idea of needing coaching, luxurious writing retreats with infinity pools, high-end software, or extended breaks dedicated solely to savish writing is more of a luxury than a necessity.

That said, many clients choose to work with me primarily because they’re navigating the writing world for the first time, often juggling other significant commitments, like running a business, caring for children or old parents. They aspire to author a book but wish to avoid spending excessive time figuring out the optimal approach.

An effective book coach is a time-saver, guiding you to craft your book in a way that amplifies your message. They handle practical aspects, setting up a conducive writing environment and advising on how to balance writing with other obligations. Their influence extends beyond your current project, equipping you with skills beneficial for future endeavours.

They’re also your insurance policy to make sure your professional reputation isn’t damaged by releasing something “sub par”.

Writing can be an isolating experience. Having a coach on your side when you put your author hat on offers reassurance – someone who shares your enthusiasm for your ideas. This support can be a relief to colleagues or family members who may not always be eager to engage repeatedly in discussions about your book’s content. And let’s face it. Who wants to edit chapter 7 *again* after beta reading.

A professional coach will assist in developing your outline, offer structural and creative solutions, and contribute ideas on style, tone, and layout. They provide valuable feedback, support through self-doubt, ensure accountability, and even research your topic area to keep your content fresh and unique.

In summary, while it’s not mandatory to have a book coach for writing a nonfiction book, having one can significantly ease and enrich the process.

And I am here to offer all the support you need on this journey.

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