If you’re excited about embarking on your writing journey and feel confident in your ability to work independently, my self-study checklists are just the ticket. With this option, you’ll receive comprehensive checklists that will guide you through the writing process, tailored to suit your unique writing style and content.



Are you brimming with a proven business system that needs to be shared? Excited to enlighten others, but wrestling with how to turn it all into a structured book? Fear not! The perfect solution is within reach.

Say hello to the ‘Your Ultimate Book Planner for Business Book Authors’!

This planner isn’t your run-of-the-mill guide. It’s a practical, easy-to-follow blueprint to shape your business wisdom into a fully laid-out book plan that readers won’t resist.

This planner will empower you to:

  1. Craft a winning book idea: Unearth the secret to settling on a captivating book premise that will hook your readers from page one.
  2. Decode your readers: Learn the art of dissecting your audience’s psyche to perfectly align your book with their wants, needs, and expectations and avoid tumbleweeds and one-star reviews
  3. Play detective with competitors’ books: Discover how to glean nuggets of wisdom from your competitors’ hits and misses so you build on their strengths and easily dodge the bullets.
  4. Connect your expertise with your readers’ goals: Master the method of weaving your knowledge into an attention-grabbing, easy-to-implement chapter, propelling your reader one step closer to their ultimate goal with every page turned.
  5. Set yourself up for success: Unveil the blueprint to planning your content in a way that ensures you stay on track, remain succinct, and don’t miss a beat when you’re writing.
  6. Learn the principles of creating a good learning experience: Discover six ways to engage with readers and reassure and encourage them as they work through your system so your book becomes their go-to guide they talk to their friends about – not dusty, unloved and unused shelf-help.
  7. Perfect your outline: The 3C’s you must look for in your outline to guarantee it’s going to turn into something you will be proud of and readers find ‘unputdownable’.
  8. Upsell like an ethical pro: Use the often untapped potential of a business book – ethical carefully planned upsells (rather than missing important chunks out) to turn your book into a genuine lead generating machine that readers are happy to invest in.
  9. Supercharge reader results with helpful resources: The recipe for planning irresistible extra resources that not only fortify your bond with your readers but also fast-track their success.
  10. Check your idea holds water before you start writing: The two essential methods of verifying your outline’s effectiveness before you turn it into 25,00 to 45,000 words of finished draft.

Consider this planner your recipe for a successful book. If you can follow a recipe to whip up a snack, you can use this planner to create a top-notch book plan! How good will it feel to know every point you explain later has a purpose? No guessing, no hacking your idea into shape later.

Your goal isn’t to pen the next great literary masterpiece. You’re not here to impress the Grammar Police. You’re planning a book to help your readers achieve something. Like the book you’re planning, this guide is a trusted friend, showing you the path from idea to an organised plan.

This planner is more than just advice. It’s your mentor and roadmap. It’s the solution to the obstacles you’re encountering. And most importantly, it’s your stepping stone to becoming an accomplished author.

This planner is such a small investment for such a significant step towards becoming an accomplished author the quickest and easiest way. And to make your purchase completely risk-free, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the planner you’ll get a full refund. No hassle. No questions asked.

Embark on this exciting journey with the ‘Your Ultimate Book Planner for Business Book Authors’.

Let’s turn your idea into a clear, compelling book outline! Today!

Yours for just £29.

The ultimate business book writing checklist


Your first draft: clear… compelling… and complete!

Are you sitting on a goldmine of business ideas? Can’t wait to share your wisdom but struggling to get it all down in a book? No worries! A solution is at your fingertips.

Welcome… ‘Your Ultimate Writing Checklist for Business Book Authors’!

This checklist isn’t your usual writing guide. It’s a practical, easy-to-follow plan to transform your business thoughts into a first draft that readers won’t want to put down.

This guide will help you to:

  • Quickly turn your outline into an engaging first draft
  • Format your text from the get-go with a free paperback book template with styles for chapters, feature boxes, exercises, quizzez and more
  • Build your confidence as a budding author
  • Learn the rules of good quality plain English writing with simple ‘”good” and “bad” examples
  • Save time, money, frustration and burnout on heavy editing later
  • Make writing your book fun not a slog!

Think of this guide as a recipe. If you can follow a recipe to whip up a snack, you can follow this guide to write a top-notch book!

Your goal isn’t to write like Shakespeare. You’re not slaving away to impress the Grammar Police. You’re writing to help your readers achieve something. Like your book will be, this guide is a trusted friend, showing you the way from idea to finished first draft.

This guide costs only £29 – a small price for such a big step towards becoming an accomplished author. And just to make you feel secure with your purchase, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied within 30 days, you can have your money back in full. No quibbling. No questions asked.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Advice on how to approach the writing from someone who’s published over 80 books personally and thousands more in total since 2011
  • An elegant, preformatted book template ready-and-waiting for your book outline – FREE
  • 16 simple tips to make your nonfiction writing shine
  • The secret to fast and quality writing: ‘drafting’
  • Advice on dictation and typing and a quick test to see what will work best for you and your material
  • A checklist to help you review of your first two chapters to pick up on any lingering issues to avoid editng later headaches
  • Tips on how to stay sane and productive as a business book author
  • And much more …

This guide is more than a list of advice. It’s your mentor and roadmap. It’s the answer to all those worries and hurdles you’re facing. And most importantly, it’s your ticket to becoming an accomplished author.

Yours for just £29.


A Self-Guided Checklist with worked examples

“Sharpen your editing skills with this all-encompassing guide!”

You’ve battled through the drafting stage and come out victorious, a first draft clutched in your triumphant hands. That’s an achievement worthy of a hearty cheer, but remember, your journey isn’t over yet. It’s time for editing – a step many underestimate, yet it’s here that the true magic happens.

This guide won’t just illuminate the path ahead, it’ll arm you with the tools, tips, and techniques needed to turn your draft from good to blindingly brilliant.

Inside, you’ll find packed in 41 clear and concise pages:

  1. The critical reasons why editing deserves your full attention: Discover the primary stages of editing and why they’re worth every drop of sweat and every chewed-up pencil. (10 solid reasons)
  2. First draft health check: Don your doctor’s coat and get ready to give your draft a thorough examination. A handy checklist will guide you through the essentials you need to consider, from structure to images. (14-point checklist)
  3. Detailed draft examination: Scrutinise your writing for any traces of bad writing habits. From jargon to readability, we’ll leave no stone unturned. (24-point checklist)
  4. Detailed formatting review: Learn how to check your text for consistent formatting and why it’s crucial for professionalism and readability. (3 vital steps)
  5. Recruit and manage your beta readers: Uncover the secrets of finding the right beta readers, keeping them engaged, and making the most of their feedback. (5 key emails and 2 worksheets)
  6. Review and apply beta reader feedback: Understand how to implement feedback effectively and make changes that enhance your manuscript. (5-step process)
  7. Two unique worksheets: To streamline your feedback assessment and manage your beta readers effectively.

What’s more, your success is the top priority here. That’s why there’s a 30-day no-quibble guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the guide you’ll get a full refund your money, no questions asked. So, you can try out this comprehensive guide completely risk-free. (But you’re going to love it, and the results you see will prove it! Promise!)

Take a deep breath and prepare to plunge into a journey that will not only polish your book but also fortify your skills as a writer. It’s time to mould your draft into a captivating narrative that your readers will relish, appreciate, and most importantly, trust. So, let’s get started, yeah?

Yours for just £29.

Important note

My business book coaching packages are designed for those who thrive on structure and are excited about creating a well-planned, well-thoughtout book from the outset. If you prefer to write freely, wander through the experience and fix mistakes after your book is published, these packages will not be the best fit for you.

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