Embrace Your Writing Dream: Transform It Into Reality With Straightforward Support

I understand the deep yearning to share your expertise, and your enthusiasm for your subject through your book. Alas, it’s a dream that 90% of aspiring authors never realise. But I’m here to assure you, you don’t have to be part of that disheartening statistic. If the thought of writing your business book feels overwhelming, leaving you restless and trawling through endless Google searches for fruitless guidance, let me offer you a helping hand. (Check out my free guide here.)

If you’re looking for help on a specific stage, read on.

Planning: Cultivating Your Book’s Essence

A well-thought-out plan isn’t just about structure. It’s about understanding the heart of your message and presenting it in a readable, easy-to-market way. My planning stage hones and nurtures the seed of your book idea, ensuring it’s rooted in your goals and also resonates deeply with your audience.

Check out the planning checklist.

Writing: Crafting Your Teachings with Care

Writing tens of thousands of words can be a journey into the unknown. My guide offers simple, effective strategies to help you write not just quickly, but meaningfully and accurately, and banishing writers’ block. Embrace the joy of bringing the gist of your ideas to life with speed, clarity and confidence.

Check out the writing checklist (plus a free formatted book template)

Editing: Honing with Heart and Clarity

Transform your manuscript into a polished gem that reflects your dedication and expertise. Editing is more than correcting; it’s about refining your message with care to ensure it touches the lives of your readers and gets the results you promise.

Check out the editing checklist.

Covers: First Impressions Lasting Impact

Your book’s cover is its welcoming smile. I’ll guide you in creating a cover that not only looks professional but feels like a true representation of your book’s content, appearing just as professional as those from household name, traditionally published counterparts..

Check out the checklists (with a free cover design brief)

Fundraising: Finding Your Backers

Unlock the power of your network with my comprehensive book crowdfunding guide. Packed with actionable tips and proven techniques, it shows you how to rally the support of your friends, family, and community. Transform your cheerleaders into enthusiastic backers and collaborators.

Check out the fundraising checklist.

Launching: Launch or Relaunch your Book

Put together a launch plan and a dedicated launch team to help you raise maximum awareness. Works for launches and relaunches if your book didn’t take off as you had hoped. Also include a launch plan and Canva social media templates so speed up spreading the word.

Check out the launch guide.

Promotion: Shining Your Light

Step into the light and let your book shine. Effective promotion isn’t just about sales; it’s about sharing your voice with the world, establishing yourself as a leader, and opening doors to new possibilities. It takes a lot of elbow grease, but this guide makes every ounce of work boost your book’s success.

Check out the promotion checklist.

Your book is more than words on a page – it’s a testament to your struggles, successes, your knowledge, and your unique perspective. As your book coach, I’m committed to helping you create a book that not only showcases your professionalism and expertise but also resonates with your audience. Say farewell to generic, uninspiring advice and welcome a nurturing, supportive approach that elevates your book from a mere concept to a cherished milestone.

Begin Your Author Journey Today

Dive into my comprehensive checklists and tailored guidance designed to make your book’s journey not just successful, but emotionally fulfilling. Let’s transform your expertise and passion into a powerful tool that not only educates but inspires and connects with your readers.

Let’s make your book not just a product of your intellect, but a reflection of your talent and commitment to help others follow in your footsteps.

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