Is your struggle to write your business book keeping you up at night, while countless Google searches fail to provide the answers? You can stop now! I offer a comprehensive digital guide, broken into five important stages – planning, writing, editing, formatting & publishing, and promotion. While each stage can be used individually, using them all together from the beginning creates a more effective process. Say goodbye to confusion. My expert guidance is here to lead you to a great book for you and your business!

Planning: Unlock Your Book’s Potential

A detailed business book outline is crucial for maintaining focus, organisation, and efficiency. My planning stage ensures your book has a strong foundation, keeping your ideas structured, tailored to your audience, and goal-oriented.

Check out the planning checklist.

Writing: Write Quickly and Effectively

With my writing guide – you’ll learn to write quickly and accurately. Boost your writing confidence, pace, precision, and effectiveness. Sticking to your detailed plan and explaining it clearly reducing rewrites, and producing a high-quality business book much quicker.

Check out the writing checklist (plus a free formatted book template)

Editing: One-Star Review Insurance

Give your book the polish it deserves. Thorough editing is key to establishing credibility, showcasing your expertise, and avoiding harsh reviews. Invest in the editing process guide to guarantee a fabulous final product.

Check out the editing checklist.

Covers: Yes, Books Are Judged By Them

Don’t let your book be judged poorly by its cover or layout. Ensure your book’s presentation is as good as traditionally published books. From cover design to typesetting, I’ll guide you to create a professional and visually appealing book.

Check out the checklists (with a free cover design brief)

Fundraising: Take the Sting out of Help

Unlock the power of your network with my comprehensive book crowdfunding guide. Packed with actionable tips and proven techniques, it shows you how to rally the support of your friends, family, and community, transforming them into enthusiastic backers and collaborators. .

Check out the fundraising checklist.

Promotion: From Obscurity to Stardom

Step into the spotlight and elevate your book’s success. Consistent, strategic promotion is crucial for sustained success, positioning you as a thought leader, expanding your reach, and opening up new opportunities.

Check out the promotion checklist.

Don’t let your author dreams slip away. Begin your journey with my digital guide and watch your book come to life!

As your book coach, I’ll help you create a book that showcases your professionalism and expertise and captures your audience’s attention. Say goodbye to amateurish advice from beginners and Ordinary Joe marketers, and hello to support that helps you create a standout book that sets itself apart from the crowd.

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