Feeling a bit anxious about planning your book? It’s perfectly normal. Every great journey begins with a bit of unease—it means you care deeply about your book. You’re eager to start but finding that initial step can be challenging. Remember, in the early stages, it’s more about progress, not perfection. The polishing comes later.

Imagine how good it will feel to trust that gut feeling telling you you’re heading in the right direction, with a clear,logical and proven planning tool to make sure your book makes the mark in readers minds that you want it to.



Are you brimming with nonfiction insights but find the thought of compiling them into a book daunting? Your solution is here. Meet the ‘Ultimate Book Planner for Business Book Authors’ – your beacon in the often-misty journey of book planning.

This isn’t just a basic fill-in-the-blanks planner. It’s a comprehensive guided tool for authors feeling lost in the process. It’s a hands-on, practical approach will transform your expertise into a well-crafted nonfiction book plan that is guanranteed to resonate with readers.

Here’s how you’ll make rapid progress with your book:

  1. Develop a compelling book concept: Discover the key to an engaging book idea that captures and retains reader interest from the start.
  2. Align with your audience: Learn to dissect your readers’ needs and craft your book to meet and exceed their expectations, avoiding lukewarm responses and lackluster reviews.
  3. Analyse the competition: Gain insights from the successes and failures of others in your field to enhance your book’s appeal and dodge common pitfalls.
  4. Connect your expertise to reader goals: Skillfully integrate your knowledge into a captivating narrative, guiding your reader toward their desired outcomes with each chapter.
  5. Plan for success: Get the blueprint to efficiently structure your content, ensuring a smooth writing process and a coherent final product.
  6. Engage your readers: Uncover six techniques to interact with your audience, making your book not just a read but an experience they’ll recommend.
  7. Craft a flawless outline: Learn the three essential elements of a compelling outline, laying the foundation for an irresistible read.
  8. Ethical upselling: Learn how to turn your book into a valuable lead generator without compromising your integrity or reader trust.
  9. Enhance the reader experience with powerful resources: Plan additional resources that deepen reader engagement and accelerate their success.
  10. Validate your outline: Use proven methods to ensure your book’s structure is solid before you start the writing process to save a lot of editing heartache later.

This planner is your cookbook for success. If you can follow a simple recipe, you can use this planner to bake a masterpiece of a business book. Feel the satisfaction knowing every point you make has a strategic place – no guesswork, no reshaping later.

Your aim isn’t literary fiction fame; it’s to make a real difference. You’re not here to dazzle with fancy prose and clever wording. You’re crafting a book that empowers and educates your audience. This planner is more than a companion for novice authors. It’s a beacon, guiding you from raw idea to a well-structured, impactful plan.

For total peace of mind, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not over the moon, get a full refund, no fuss, no quibbling.

Let’s transform your author dream into a crystal-clear, persuasive book outline ready to get written! Now!

Important note

My business book planning checklist is carefully structured to help you create a professional book just as good as a traditionally published one. If you’re not into following a proven process and prefer ‘winging it’, this checklist isn’t for you… I’m not the coach for you…

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