Got a business idea hotter than a heatwave in July? Ready to enlighten the masses but feel like you’re herding cats when it comes to book structuring? Welcome to salvation’s doorstep.

What if there was a quick and easy way to turn your jumbled thoughts into a solid, reader-friendly outline, neater than a stock photo of a sock drawer? Impeccably structured and ripe for elaboration, picture yourself lounging contentedly sporting a cheeky grin, published book in hand. Bedlam will have become a bespoke business title that’s unmistakably, brilliantly you.



Swimming in a sea of business know-how but struggling to bottle it into a book? Excited to share your insights but baffled by the book-building maze? Take a deep breath. Your guiding star is here.

Introducing the ‘Ultimate Book Planner for Business Book Authors’ – your lighthouse in the foggy world of book planning.

This planner isn’t just another guide; it’s a lifeline for the perplexed and aspiring author. A straightforward, practical blueprint that converts your business acumen into a book plan your readers will cherish.

Empower yourself with this planner:

  1. Craft a winning book idea: Unearth the secret to settling on a captivating unique book premise that will hook your readers from page one.
  2. Decode your readers needs and goals: Learn the art of dissecting your audience’s psyche to perfectly align your book with their wants, needs, and expectations and avoid tumbleweeds and one-star reviews
  3. Play detective with competitors’ books: Discover how to glean nuggets of wisdom from your competitors’ hits and misses so you build on their strengths and easily dodge the bullets.
  4. Connect your expertise with your readers’ goals: Master the method of weaving your knowledge into an attention-grabbing, easy-to-implement chapter, propelling your reader one step closer to their ultimate goal with every page turned.
  5. Set yourself up for success: Unveil the blueprint to planning your content in a way that ensures you stay on track, remain succinct, and don’t miss a beat when you’re writing.
  6. Learn the principles of creating a good learning experience: Discover six ways to engage with readers and reassure and encourage them as they work through your system so your book becomes their go-to guide they talk to their friends about – not dusty, unloved and unused shelf-help.
  7. Perfect your outline: The 3C’s you must look for in your outline to guarantee it’s going to turn into something you will be proud of and readers find ‘unputdownable’.
  8. Upsell like an ethical pro: Use the often untapped potential of a business book – ethical carefully planned upsells (rather than missing important chunks out) to turn your book into a genuine lead generating machine that readers are happy to invest in.
  9. Supercharge reader results with helpful resources: The recipe for planning irresistible extra resources that not only fortify your bond with your readers but also fast-track their success.
  10. Check your idea holds water before you start writing: The two essential methods of verifying your outline’s effectiveness before you turn it into 25,00 to 45,000 words of finished draft.

This planner is your cookbook for success. If you can follow a simple recipe, you can use this planner to bake a masterpiece of a business book. Feel the satisfaction knowing every point you make has a strategic place – no guesswork, no reshaping later.

Your aim isn’t literary fame; it’s to make a real difference. You’re not here to dazzle with fancy prose. You’re crafting a book that empowers and educates. This guide is more than a companion; it’s a beacon, guiding you from raw idea to a well-structured, impactful plan.

This planner is more than advice. It’s your mentor, your GPS through the wilderness of writing, your solution to the stumbling blocks you’re facing. Most importantly, it’s your gateway to becoming a recognized author.

A modest investment for a giant leap towards authorship. And for total peace of mind, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not over the moon, get a full refund, no fuss, no grilling.

Let’s transform your author dream into a crystal-clear, persuasive book outline ready to get written! Now!

Grab all this know-how for just £29. Let’s dive in!

Important note

My business book planning advice is for the structured and committed. If you’re not into following a proven process and prefer a freestyle approach and winging it, this isn’t for you… I’m not for you. Follow the plan or look elsewhere.

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