Ready to turn your revolutionary system into a compelling book? My writing checklist is here to transform your outline into a brilliant first draft. Designed to streamline your writing process and avoid common pitfalls, this tool ensures your ideas shine with clarity and appeal.

It guides you to infuse your writing with your personality and values, engaging your readers with every word. And when it comes to editing, worry not—this checklist helps you avoid lots of future revisions before they even happen, making your writing journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Pro Tip: Kick off with the planner checklist for maximum impact! 🙂

The ultimate business book writing checklist


Your first draft: clear… compelling… and complete!

Overflowing with brilliant book ideas? Ready to share but stuck in writing quicksand? Here’s your escape rope! Presenting… ‘The Ultimate Writing Checklist for Business Book Authors’!

This isn’t just a checklist. It’s your ace in the hole, a straightforward guide to transform your ideas into a mesmerizing first draft.

What’s in store for you:

  • Learn how to expand accurately: Effortlessly convert your outline into a good quality first draft.
  • Dictate or type. you decide: Get personalised advice on dictation and typing and do a quick test to find your speediest most accurate method.
  • Use the free formatted book template: Kickstart your draft with a free, stylish pre-formatted book template – think chapter heads, subheadings, feature boxes, quizzes, and more, all looking fabulous. Just cut, paste and type over. No tech wizardry or typography skills needed.
  • Boost your written communication: Master plain English with simple, effective ‘dos and don’ts’ to boost your confidence. Grammar police and scathing school teachers be damned!
  • Avoid wasting time hacking about with sentences: Embrace ‘drafting’ – your new secret for speedy, quality writing.
  • Avoid corrections as you go: Discover how to iron out mistakes witha quick review of your first two chapters, to avoid editing nightmares creeping into the rest.
  • Enjoy the process: Learn how to stay sane and productive amidst the chaos of your entrepreneurial and personal life.
  • Be more swan like: Transform book writing from an arduous slog to a smooth journey!

Think of this guide as a step-by-step recipe. If you can follow a recipe to whip up a midnight snack, you can follow this guide to whip up a top-notch book!

And to make you feel secure with your purchase, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. No quibbling. No questions asked.

It’s time to dissolve all those worries and hurdles you’re facing and can’t see your way past. And most importantly, it’s your ticket to becoming an accomplished author.

P.S. Ready for Tailored Guidance? Dive into the guide, then let’s elevate your book project with a one-on-one “Fix It Fast” session. This personalised support will clarify your path, any tackle specific challenges you want help with, and sweep away any uncertainties. With my legacy of thousands of five-star book reviews, your author dream is in expert hands.

(If you’re not sure where to start, check out my free guide first: How to write a nonfiction book.)

Important note

My systems are for the structured souls eager to craft an impactful book from scratch. Not for the free-spirits and blog-recycling crowd. Try that route with this guide and it’ll only lead to frustration and refund requests. If crafting fresh, helpful, standout content swiftly is your jam, you’re in for a treat! Just make sure you kick off with The Ultimate Business Book Planner first for a seamless journey. All my guides are designed to saving you a ton of rework, delay, and dosh later, ensuring your book hits the market with a bang and your credibility shoots up too. Oh, and remember, you’ll get best results if you go through The Ultimate Business Book Planner first. A strong, quality-checked, reader-friendly outline saves a helluvalotta aggravation later trying to make your book ‘sellable’ once you’ve ‘written’ it….. Get help with crowdfunding your book if you’re on a tight budget.

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