Book formatting may seem straightforward, but for first-time authors, it can be a time-consuming and risky endeavour. Navigating the complexities on your own can be daunting and time-consuming, increasing the chances of errors and inconsistencies. It’s critical your book has a professional appearance before it’s published on Amazon.

NOTE: My team can help with creating your final print and Kindle versions. I don’t personally format books, but I offer book templates and one-hour critiques to help authors polish their books up to the right standard.

THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS Cover design & BLURB checklist

YOUR cover concept: swift… sensational… STRIKING!

“Craft a bestselling book cover with this comprehensive guide!”

Your final draft is finally complete and you’re ready to share it with the world. But first impressions matter, and that’s why your book cover demands your undivided attention. Crafting a compelling book cover could be the difference between your work catching the eye of potential readers or getting lost in the sea of mediocre publications.

This guide will equip you with everything you need to turn your cover idea from amateur to eye-catching professional.

Contained within 29 pages of concise and clear instructions, you’ll find:

  1. Why understanding your book’s genre is critical: Dive into the essence of your book’s genre and learn how it influences your cover design. (10 solid reasons)
  2. How to identify good covers in your genre: Follow a practical guide to spot successful covers that will inspire your design. (14-point checklist)
  3. Specific elements to assess on successful covers: Delve into the critical components of a book cover, from text to artwork, that make or break your design. (24-point checklist)
  4. How to define your cover concept: Learn the steps to crystallizing a cover concept that speaks to your audience. (3 vital steps)
  5. Creating a conceptual mock-up: Get guidance on designing a basic mock-up that professional designers can polish. (5 key steps and 2 worksheets)
  6. Working effectively with designers: Maximise the output from your design team with this step-by-step guide. (5-step process)
  7. Two unique worksheets: To streamline your design concept and work effectively with your designer.
  8. A free design brief document you can use with an affordable, good quality specialist design company who charge under $50 for a Kindle and Paperback cover combined!

Moreover, we value your satisfaction. That’s why there’s a 30-day no-quibble guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the guide, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. So, you can delve into this comprehensive guide risk-free.

Get ready to create a stunning book cover that attracts readers and makes your book stand out from the crowd. For just £29, let’s take your book from overlooked to can’t-miss! Are you ready to get started?

Yours for just £29.




Unlock your book’s visual potential with my self-study package, perfect for authors eager to take control of their book’s formatting and design:

  • advice on how to format different types of information consistently and legibly
  • access to discounted, professionally-designed templates
  • tips on consistent visual styles for different types of information
  • boost your book’s appeal with a polished, professional look
  • advice on how to make the look-and-feel of your Kindle book match the look and feel of your print book as much as possible
  • help with illustrations

This self-guided package helps you avoid common pitfalls, learn from real-world examples, and craft a book that effectively educates and inspires your readers.

Complete with a self-auditing advice throughout, the PDF Book Planner encourages you to edit your book outline bit by bit, ensuring that you’ve covered all the essentials of an edit. Say goodbye to missed details and hello to a polished and professional final draft!

Yours for just £29.

Important note

My business book interior and cover packages are designed for those who appreciate that your book must be optimised as one of many in the marketplace, and that by following popular current formatting and design trends you are likely to sell more books once the initial run of friends, family,clients and colleagues has been exhausted. If you are determined to ignore market forces and try and break the mould with your own quirky ‘knocked it up in canva’ cover, this isn’t the training for you.

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