Editing isn’t just a chore—it’s where your book gets its polish and shine. Think of it as taking your diamond in the rough and turning it into a gleaming gem. With the right approach, you can breeze through editing, giving your book the professional edge it deserves.

It’s time to sidestep the “home-made” look and elevate your book to professional standards. With a systematic approach, you check items once and correct them, not just aimlessly scrollings for errors. Even if it’s your debut dive into publishing, you’ll hit what’s expected of a professional author and publisher. Uncover the insider tricks that make your work to stand out for all the right reasons, ensuring it screams ‘expertise’, not ‘amateur hour’.



“Elevate Your Editing Game with This Comprehensive Guide!”

You’ve conquered the drafting beast – hats off to you! It’s time for editing, the unsung hero where your draft transforms from ‘raw’ to ‘awe-inspiring’.

This guide isn’t just a candle in the darkness. It’s your full editing toolkit, brimming with insider tips and tricks to elevate your draft from great to absolutely stunning, all organised into a set of simple to follow checklists designed specifically for authors with no formal editing skills.

Dive into 41 jam-packed pages of editing gold:

  1. Discover the primary stage of editing. Find out what ‘Developmental editing’ involves and why it worth every drop of sweat and every chewed-up pencil.
  2. Give your first draft a health check: Don your doctor’s coat and get ready to give your draft a thorough examination. A handy checklist will guide you through the essentials you need to consider, from structure to imagery and illustration
  3. Recruit and manage your beta readers: Uncover the secrets of finding the right beta readers, keeping them engaged, and making the most of their feedback. They’re your early insurance policy to make sure every aspect of your book hits the spot before it’s released into the world.
  4. Understand the importance of accurate formatting: Learn how to check your text formatting is consistent and why it’s crucial for readability and a crisp professional result. (Even when someone else will ‘pretty it up’ later.)
  5. Learn the easy way to proofread your own text: Understand how to implement feedback effectively and make changes that enhance your manuscript. (5-step process)
  6. Discover how to work with an editor: If you have deep pockets and you’re planning to outsource ‘all of it’, your editor will still expect you to do some prep work beforehand and some final checks when you get it back. Find out if you want to outsource some or all of the three editing stages.

And because I believe in this checklist’s pure magic for indie authors, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. Not over the moon with it? Get your money back. Pronto. With no quibbling.

A happy client once said, “Thank you for pushing me to create a book I am still proud of all these years later.”

I want the same for you and your book. Let’s give your draft the VIP editing treatment and buff and polish your manuscript into something readers will love.

P.S. Ready for Tailored Guidance? Dive into the guide, then let’s elevate your book project with a one-on-one “Fix It Fast” session. This personalised support will clarify your path, any tackle specific challenges you want help with, and sweep away any uncertainties. With my legacy of thousands of five-star book reviews, your author dream is in expert hands.

(If you’re not sure where to start, check out my free guide first: How to write a nonfiction book.)

Important note

My business book editing packages are designed for those who thrive on structure and are excited about creating a robust, well-edited book from the outset. If you prefer to rush the editing and risk mistakes creeping in later, or wash your hands of it entirely and ask your nephew or neighbour to ‘check your spelling’, this editing process will not be the best fit for you. If you’ve been following all the checklists to this point, your book should be in pretty good shape already. If you’ve been working on your book with no guidance and you’ve never published on before, allow extra time to get your editing chops up to scratch.

Note: Sorry, but I don’t proofread books anymore but I can refer you to reliable editors who will edit and proofread your book for you. If you’d like my feedback on how well you’re editing with the checklist, please book a ‘Fix It Fast‘ call. I’ll happily talk you through a chapter review together.

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