Colette Mason isn’t just playing the indie publishing game; she’s changing the rules. With a personal back catalogue with 20,000,000+ Kindle page reads and over 200,000+ books sold, she’s also the book coach behind 15 out of 33 entrepreneurs hitting that coveted bestseller mark. And she’s achieved this in a market where the average book is lucky to see 100 sales.

While heavyweights like Tim Ferriss and Simon Sinek hoover up massive chunks of the book sales pie, mere crumbs are left for the rest. Colette thinks it’s time for a change. She’s here to ensure indie-published authors’ blood, sweat, and tears get them the expert recognition they deserve. Because let’s be honest, the hard graft, empathy, and vision that business owners throw wholeheartedly into their books should reap rewards.

Rejecting the title of a typical, boring book coach, Colette is all about rapid rebellion. With a love of her campervan adventures in “Snowball”, and an upbeat rockstar vibe, she brings zest to every publishing project. (Her personal best is coaching someone to dictate their first 35,000-word draft in 16 hours!) Her goal? To break down the publishing fears and barriers and elevate the voices of expertise-based authors from background noise to center stage. Let’s get those hard-earned insights improving more readers’ lives far and wide.

Ready to help turn the volume up on business-owner authors voices? Invite Colette over. She’s the spark to show your audience how to create books that stir author pride, sell well and change lives—one book at a time.


Colette’s dynamic approach not only transforms book ideas into business assets but also turns the publishing journey into an exhilarating adventure. Having lived in the indie book publishing and promotion world for over a decade, Colette reveals insider secrets to dodge rookie mistakes, and sets would-be authors up for success with mindset hacks. She loves to share the often-untapped strategies for speedy self-publishing glory-without the ick-factor of cutting corners.

She’s on a mission to inspire your audience to not only get their expertise-based book written but also effectively promote it, ensuring they don’t just enter the market but make a sustained splash!

Choose Colette for your podcast or event to inspire and inform your audience with the bold truths of rapid book writing and publishing, building expert status and hassle-free book promotion in today’s digital age.


I’m happy to come up with something you want to discuss. Here are some suggestions.

Two nonfiction book writing and publishing topics

From Invisible to Irresistible! How to settle on a business- building book idea.
  1. How do you help authors discover and refine a book idea that truly stands out in their market?
  2. What’s the first step in transforming a raw idea into a business-building book concept?
  3. Can you share a success story where an overlooked idea became a bestseller?
  4. How important is market and competitor analysis in shaping a book idea?
  5. What’s your top tip for authors struggling to find their unique book angle?
Slaying the fear! Tactics to dismantle imposter syndrome.
  1. What strategies do you recommend for overcoming imposter syndrome in the writing process?
  2. How can engaging with beta readers early on help authors gain confidence?
  3. Can you discuss a time when you helped an author conquer their fear of sharing their work?
  4. What role does research play in building an author’s confidence?
  5. How do you guide authors to find and use their authentic voice?
Speedy Gonzales: Demystifying the book writing process to write a book in a week without cutting corners.
  1. How do you approach planning and outlining to speed up the writing process?
  2. Can you break down the dictation technique for efficient writing?
  3. What’s a common misconception about the time it takes to write a book that you’d like to debunk?
  4. How does a strong book plan minimize the need for extensive reworks?
  5. What advice do you have for authors who believe they can’t write a book quickly?
From Draft to Dynamite: Navigating the editing process, from DIY tools and techniques to working with editors.
  1. What is the biggest most effective DIY editing technique for first-time authors?
  2. If you need help editing, who should you ask?
  3. How can you get feedback on your book before it’s launched, so you don’t shoot yourself in your foot.
  4. What tools do you recommend for authors during the editing phase?
  5. What’s your advice for selecting and working with a professional editor?

Two nonfiction book launch and promotion talks

Rallying Your Book Squad: Strategies for assembling a supportive promo squad.
  1. What are some effective DIY editing techniques for first-time authors?
  2. What tools do you recommend for authors during the editing phase?
  3. How does taking a break (“time with fresh eyes”) improve the editing process?
  4. How can authors decide between editing their book themselves or outsourcing it?
  5. What’s your advice for selecting and working with a professional (or amateur) editor?
Launch Like a Legend: Long-term promotion tactics without getting burnt out.
  1. How can authors maintain their promotional momentum long after the book launch?
  2. What strategies do you recommend for dealing with the fear of promoting too much or too little?
  3. How can authors use both positive and negative reviews to their advantage?
  4. What are some effective long-term book promotion strategies?
  5. How do price promotions and Kindle Select strategies fit into long-term book visibility?

Questions about me

For some more general questions and getting to know me, here are some suggestions…

General icebreakers
  • What was the turning point that made you switch from ‘corporate-land’ to indie publishing?
  • Back in 2012, how long did it take to write your first book and what did you learn?
  • In an industry obsessed with grammar how do you cope as person who got written off at school as totally sucking at written English?
  • Share a pivotal moment that solidifies your approach to fast yet quality publishing.
  • What’s one of your book success stories that still amazes you today?
  • Behind the scenes, what’s an unconventional publishing tactic you swear by?
  • Can you resurrect a book from a wallflower to a warrior?
  • You’ve helped 33 business owners write books so far with 15 bestsellers. What did that teach you?
  • As someone who loathes writing fiction, why did you end up write 23 fiction books?
    (Note: I am currently working on a nonfiction travel series which I can talk about later this year)
  • What’s been the gnarliest challenge you’ve surfed in your indie publishing journey?
  • Tell us about a time when your guidance turned an author’s fortunes from zero to hero
  • For those ready to rock their publishing dreams, how can get more free help? (I am happy do affiliate links for appearances.)


Based on your audience, my three free online assessments offer some great instant advice for entrepreneurial authors, providing help with three big obstacles.

Book Idea
Will your book premise build your status and your business?
Assuring Editing Assessment:
What do you need to do next to improve your book.
Hidden Gem
to Headliner:
What is the best strategy for book relaunch.

Ideal shows and events for Colette

  • Entrepreneurial journey
  • Self-publishing
  • Advice for coaches, consultants and speakers
  • Personal development
  • Van life and digital nomads

Booking information

I am flexible about bookings. If something unforeseen crops up and you can’t make it, just let me know and we can reschedule.

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