With a personal back catalogue boasting over £600,000 in book sales, more than 21,000,000 Kindle page reads, and over 200,000 of my own books sold, I’m not just a nonfiction book coach—I’m the force behind 15 of 33 entrepreneurs hitting that coveted bestseller mark in a fiercely competitive market where the average book is fortunate to scrape 100 sales.

The nonfiction market might seem dominated by giants, but I believe in making room at the table for indie authors. Their dedication and insight deserve a spotlight, and I’m here to make sure they get it.

Moving beyond the traditional book coach archetype, I bring rapid transformation, ensuring a high-quality traditionally published result. Known for my adventurous spirit and zesty rockstar vibe, I add a dynamic energy to every project. (My personal best is coaching a financial services specialist to dictate their first 35,000-word draft in just 16 hours! It has a rating of 4.7 with 64 reviews. Ask me how 🙂 )

My goal is clear: to dismantle real and perceived publishing barriers and elevate the voices of expertise-based authors. If you’re ready to see your audience’s insights make a difference, I am the partner you need.


My approach is anything but ordinary. Drawing on a decade of insider experience, I demystify the publishing process, sharing cutting-edge strategies that bypass the usual pitfalls. I’m on a mission to ensure your audience not only pens their expertise but also promotes it effectively, leaving an indelible impact on the market. I am passionate about sharing the overlooked cutting-edge strategies for effortless self-publishing success—without the ick-factor of cutting corners.

I’m on a crusade to empower your audience to not only get their expertise-based book written but also masterfully promote it, ensuring they don’t just enter the market but leave a lasting impact!

Choose me for your podcast or event to energise and educate your audience with the unvarnished truths of rapid book writing and publishing, building expert status and hassle-free book promotion in today’s digital age.

(If you want to know more about my system, check out my free guide: How to write a nonfiction book.)

Nonfiction book publishing DISCUSSION POINTS

Want to know what fuels my passion for publishing or how I navigated from corporate constraints to indie freedom? I’m an open book, ready to share stories, insights, and maybe a few laughs along the way.

Slaying Imposter Syndrome: Proven Confidence Boosting Strategies

Break free with these proven tactics to slay paralysing imposter syndrome, so you publish a book that you’re proud ofnot petrified.

Dodge the Duds:
How to Sidestep Rookie Pitfalls Like a Pro!

Get off to a strong start. Arm yourself with my no-nonsense guide to avoid the top ten rookie pitfalls that trip up unwary authors.

One Week to First Draft: Mastering the Art of Speedy Stellar Writing!

Forget etching stone tablets—embrace the speed of modern writing where first drafts don’t have to be year-long sagas.

Editing Success : Is Your Final Draft Battle-Ready?

Discover the essential editing phases your draft needs to compete in the heavyweight division.

Author Success: How Marketable is Your Book Idea?

Navigate how to identify the strongest book idea that will catapult your business into the spotlight.

Launch Like a Legend: How to Ignite Your Sales!

Join the elite circle of authors who master the art of sustained book buzz, turning readers into raving fans.


Intrigued about the wizard behind the publishing curtain? Here are a few personal insights I’m game to share:

  • What made you want to write your first book?
  • What was the turning point that made you switch from ‘corporate-land’ to indie publishing?
  • How did you sell over 220,000 books with no external help?
  • Back in 2012, how long did it take to write your first book and what did you learn?
  • In an industry obsessed with grammar, how did you overcome being told your English was awful in school?
  • Share a pivotal moment that solidifies your approach to fast yet quality publishing.
  • What’s one of your book success stories that still amazes you today?
  • Can you resurrect a nonfiction book from a wallflower to a warrior?
  • You’ve helped 33 business owners write books so far with 15 bestsellers. What did that teach you?
  • As someone who admits to loathing writing fiction, why did you end up writing 23 fiction books?
  • What’s been the gnarliest challenge you’ve faced in your indie publishing journey?


I offer my treasure trove of online assessments to your audience, helping them leap over common publishing hurdles. They’re entirely free, take three minutes to complete, and are designed to pave the way for their publishing success with tailored advice for every step of the way.

How Market-Ready is Your Book Idea:
Will your book build your status and your business or does it need a tweak?
Is Your Book Ready to Publish:
Have you done everything required to get your book up to scratch?
Hidden Gem
to Headliner:
Has your book fizzled out? Use my assessment to find out how to resurrect it!


I’m on the hunt for stages where I can share radical revelations and transformative tactics in the wonderful world of self-publishing:

  • Self-publishing: Punching as hard as the traditional publishers and keeping all the royalties.
  • Author advice for coaches, consultants and speakers: Turning your expertise into a powerhouse of a book without taking a year.
  • The ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey: The wins and the woes of working for yourself.
  • Personal development: Focus, resilience, self-belief, selflessness vs selfishness
  • Van life and digital nomads: Work/life balance for workaholics

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Life’s full of surprises! If plans change, I’m all for a smooth reschedule. No stress, no fuss. Just let me know 24 hours before.

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