People say “As a BOOK COACH my spirit animal is Gordon Ramsay” which I find rather amusing...

Of course, I’m not Gordon, I’m Colette Mason, nonfiction book coach, author and publisher. In a world filled with ‘just get it out there’ advice, I stand for quality, speed, and the profound impact of your book.

I offer entrepreneurs like you proven fast-track author success strategies, equipping you with the insights and skills to swiftly publish your expertise as a successful nonfiction book. This accelerates your potential to help more people, become a recognised thought leader and amplify your impact in your industry.


Ah, corporate land. There I was, deep in the machinery of the UK Government and big global corporations, churning out publications that reached millions, and documentation and user guides that educated thousands. It was a buzz, knowing my work was out there in the world—except, it wasn’t my work, not really. And it wasn’t recognised as the work of my colleagues either. It bore the name of some faceless entity, while the real people behind the words remained hidden in the shadows.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that the real experts, the ones pouring their heart and knowledge into these works, deserved so much more. They deserved to be recognised, to have their names emblazoned on the cover, to claim the credit for their brilliance.

That’s when I decided to escape. I traded the buzz of high-profile anonymity for a mission deeply personal and infinitely more satisfying: to help business owners and professionals like you to share your expertise, your stories, your wisdom with the world—and to make sure your name is the one that shines.

So, here I am, far from the corporate grind, but still wedded to those high standards. I love being closer than ever to the real heart of grass-roots of indie publishing: empowering thought-leaders to make their mark, to share their unique expertise and insights, and to truly own their contributions to the world. Want to to make the world a better place with your book too? Great!

  • Quality over haste – I’m all for rapid publishing, but not at the cost of your book’s integrity.
  • You’ve got expertise worth shouting about – Let’s make sure your book does justice to your wisdom.
  • Making a difference – Your book should leave a mark on your readers’ lives, offering them real value.
  • Fun and fast-paced – Who said publishing has to drag? Let’s make this an exhilarating ride.
  • The world’s your stage – Published authors open doors. Let’s get you through them.

Empowering Your Author Journey

My commitment goes beyond just helping you write and publish; it’s about transforming your expertise into a force for change. Here’s how we can make that happen:

  • Book Coaching: Tailored strategies to take your book from concept to bestseller. Learn more →
  • Editorial and Publishing Advice: High-quality publishing that honors your voice and vision. Discover how →
  • Promotion Success Planning: A roadmap to ensure your book achieves lasting impact and recognition. See the plan

Each service is designed to guide you through the complexities of the publishing world, ensuring your book not only reaches the market but makes a mark. Interested in diving deeper? On a tight budget? Check out my book coaching PDFs and see how we can bring your book to life together.


Before I published anyone else’s expertise, I felt I had to publish my own book first – I needed to “take the bullet for the team.” What’s more, I wanted to see if a book could actually open doors for someone who wasn’t a “household name” with a traditional publisher behind them to give them credibility. I plumped for helping business owners use social media. I published that in 2011. I tested out my writing process to ensure it was quick and easy, without cutting corners. on quality. Thanks to some solitary confinement, a detailed plan and a bucket load of coffee, it took 14 days to produce a first draft totalling 45,000 words. I had a breather when I handed it to an editor to copy edit and proofread, and used the time to work out how to make my word document into “a real book”.

The experience of a lifetime

Before I could help you share your expertise, I had to work out how to tell mine. Diving into the self-publishing waters with a guide for business owners on mastering social media, I became my own guinea pig. Within 14 days, fueled by caffeine and determination, my first draft was born. This wasn’t just about writing something with my name on the cover. It was proving that quality work could emerge swiftly and independently.

And boy, did it pay off.

From speaking alongside internet pioneers at CERN to international workshops, media features, and more, my journey from writer to speaker, from unknown to a recognised expert, was nothing short of epic.

Since then I have built on that, and I’m approaching seventy four books under pen names and £600,000 in my own book sales to date.

I am one of the few book coaches who can write, publish and successfully promote books too.


Now, it’s all about you. Working together, we’ll carve out your path to publication, from crafting compelling outlines to navigating the editorial maze, all the way to launching your masterpiece into the world. And for those who prefer the DIY route, my digital checklists await. But beware, I’m here to push you to the finish line, not watch you give up halfway.

And if you had a book you published earlier, but it failed to live upto your sales and expert positioning expectations, I’m here to help you fix any wrinkles in your strategy, weaknesses in your implementation, and get your book selling regularly.


While my downtime might see me as the Alliance’s champion in World of Warcraft, hammering my way through quests, or embarking on campervan adventures in ‘Snowball’, these aren’t just escapades. They’re a testament to my love for strategy, adventure, and resilience—qualities that power my approach to book coaching. Each campaign in Azeroth, experiencing every new destination on a road trip, mirrors the journey I take authors on: full of discovery, excitement, challenges, and triumphs.

And when I’m not laying siege to orcs or plotting the next trip, you might find me at a rock gig, punching the air and singing along to the chorus or something quieter—navigating tranquil rivers by kayak. It’s this blend of intensity and serenity, wild adventure and focused precision, that shapes the way I guide you through the publishing process—ensuring it’s not just a journey, but a memorable adventure that culminates in your success, with and plenty of tales to tell.

Is Colette actually any good… or worse than a Justin Bieber album on repeat?

Beyond the rebellion against a mundane corporate existence, I’ve carved a niche in the publishing world, blending traditional publishing rigour with indie freedoms. Yes, I might rage against the corporate machine and listen to Motorhead, but when it comes to getting your book out there, I’m all business.


I am a BOOK COACH, author and publisher with a proven track record


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