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Picture this: a world where every nonfiction author has the know-how, support, and guts to share their golden nuggets of wisdom with the globe. That’s where I step in. I’m nonfiction book coach on a mission to boost business owners and turn their expertise into a book that is a beacon of success, generating profits, and touching lives far and wide with game-changing ideas. Your expertise deserves to be heard and you deserve success in return!

Rapid Writing—Lasting Author Success

Plain and simple, I’m here for you, the nonfiction writer on the rise. My goal? Wherever you are in your author journey right now, you can join me, whether we walk through the maze of planning and penning your masterpiece or onto powering through the promotion game post-publication.

For me, it’s not just about throwing a book out into the wild. It’s about creating a great product quickly, and making sure your hard graft reaps the rewards it deserves in the long term. Your insights are meant to be heard, and you’re meant to taste victory!


Dive into my rapid publishing guides that slice your big mission into manageable bites. Crafted to combat overwhelm, anxiety, and confusion, these sections let you focus on the immediate task. Say goodbye to those dream-snatching worries.

(If you’re not sure where to start with the nonfiction book publishing process, check out my free guide: How to write a nonfiction book.)

Start Your AUTHOR Success Story TODAY


Ever felt lost, staring into the abyss of a blank page, your head buzzing with ideas but no clue where to start? You’re not alone. But here’s the twist: amidst this chaos lies the seed of your future masterpiece. With a sturdy outline and a sprinkle of guidance, we’re flipping the script from bewildering confusion to crystal-clear direction. Embrace the journey from uncertainty to a bulletproof plan that shines a beacon on your path forward.


Caught in the slow dance of words, doubting every sentence, every word? It’s a common tale, yet here’s where the plot thickens. Dictating or writing? Worrying about editing as you write? It’s all covered. My guide turbocharges your writing, transforming those painstakingly slow drafts into fluid narratives that flow with speed, precision, and undeniable allure. Your expertise deserves to be heard, and I’ve got the playbook to make it happen, one vibrant word at a time.


The specter of negative feedback can haunt the bravest of souls, but what if you could wield a magic wand to dispel those fears? Enter the realm of meticulous editing, where your work isn’t just reviewed; it’s refined to perfection. We’re arm-in-arm on this, ensuring your book dazzles and dances its way into readers’ hearts, criticism-free.


Imagine your book in a sea of countless others, yearning to stand out. This is where we conjure the magic of first impressions – a cover and blurb so captivating, potential readers can’t help but be enchanted. It’s more than just standing out; it’s about creating a connection that resonates, turning passersby into passionate advocates of your tale.


The thought of launching can send shivers down the spine – so much anticipation, yet so much uncertainty. But fear not; with a comprehensive launch plan, you’re not just releasing a book; you’re igniting a celebration. Resources, strategies, a pinch of flair, and there you have it: a launch that’s not just seen but felt, leaving a lasting impression in the literary cosmos.


Facing the daunting task of funding can feel like scaling a mountain with no gear. Yet, imagine a path that’s not just about reaching the peak but enjoying the climb. With enticing offers and a strategy that speaks to the heart, crowdfunding becomes not just a means to an end but a journey of community and support, laying the foundations for a publishing dream turned reality.


The nightmare of obscurity is real, but so is the dream of discovery. Picture your book, a hidden treasure waiting to dazzle the world. With a masterful press pack and a dash of strategy, we’re not just promoting a book; we’re launching a movement. Let’s ensure your voice echoes far and wide, transforming your work from the shadows into the spotlight.


I am a BOOK COACH, author and publisher with a proven track record


My book sales figures in
under 4 years


On the Kindle
Unlimited platform


Published under my own pen names/imprint


Authors coached and published by me


Sustained rankings
in multiple genres

3,000 UK

Many titles featured
on BBC News

Join the ranks of successful authors who’ve mastered rapid, high-quality publishing.

Do these publishing results seem out of reach? Feeling uncertain about the next steps in your author journey? You’re not alone. Let’s address those concerns head-on. With a focus on what truly matters—engaging your readers, maximizing your book’s market potential, and streamlining the publishing process—we’ll ensure your book project isn’t just completed, but excels.

There’s no need to navigate the publishing landscape feeling overwhelmed. Embrace a clear, effective path forward, bolster your confidence with strategies tested in the trenches of book sales, and gain actionable insights from a seasoned pro deeply entrenched in the world of publishing success.

Start transforming those concerns into action today.


Don’t wait another day to make your publishing dreams a reality. Tap into my FREE, instant, personalised advice with my online assessment tools. Whether you’re planning, editing, or relaunching, I’m here to guide you from anxious to awesome, ensuring your book’s journey is a resounding success.

Start Your AUTHOR Success Story TODAY

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