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I’m as passionate about your book idea as you are,
and I want to help you get it off the ground and finished.

Take a look at some previous questions…

  • Where do I start!
  • Is my idea good enough?
  • How can I monetise my book?
  • What if people think I’m an idiot?
  • How can I write it quickly?
  • Is my English good enough?
  • What do I do about illustrations?
  • How do I know readers will like it?
  • Is my draft good enough?
  • How do I work with beta readers?
  • How do I hire an editor?
  • Can I edit my book myself?
  • How do I make my Kindle version?
  • Do I need a print version?
  • How do I get my book on/off Amazon?
  • How do I print speaker copies?
  • How do I advertise my book?
  • How do I get my book in the press?
  • How do I use social media for promotion?
  • How do I get reviews?

Need More Proof? Here’s What Clients are Saying…

Colette was recommended by another writer, and I’m very glad she was. My first draft of my book was planned and fully written in TWO DAYS. I’d never seen or experienced a process like this before. 12 weeks later it was fully edited (multiple times), illustrated, laid out, cover designed and published-ready in print and Kindle formats. My input in these 12 weeks was about 10 days. Two months later it was launched and became a bestseller.


Colette is a perfectionist, which means her systems are flawless and she pushes her authors to produce the best books possible – doing this for their sake and to build their authority rather than her own sanity. She taught me the processes and the mechanisms to publish my first book and now I am proud to work on some of the books she helps publish in an editing and proofreading capacity. If you have knowledge or skills you want to share with the world through a book but don’t know how, Colette is the perfect person to call upon. She’s the master.


Colette Mason is a genius! How she managed to turn my humble word document into such a wonderful published book, I’ll never know.
Aside from helping me publish Master Mental Toughness, she’s helped countless other authors and publishes more books in a year than I’ll manage in a lifetime.
The highest compliment I can pay her is to say I would recommend her, without hesitation, to my very best friend. She is amazing!!


Colette helped transform my e-book from a messy document in Canva to a professional, well written e-book. The e-book has gained me over 200 subscribers to my e-mail list, and a number of people have reached out to me off the back of what they’ve read in there. All of that is down to the work Colette put in, in turning it into a digital product that I’m proud to share. From the start, she was easy to work with and demonstrated high level of expertise. She went above and beyond, and I wouldn’t hesitate in using her again for future work. I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a similar service in future. Thanks again Colette.


My 1-2-1 author breakthrough was just what I needed to help me push through with my first book to the end. At the start of my project. I was really stuck. Colette was there to help with brainstorming book ideas and help choose the one that was the most marketable! The help I received with my book was remarkably helpful. I love how these sessions are unique. Colette explained things in a way I could understand and act on quickly. There is so much general and contradictory advice available online, so sending over my answers in advance and getting someone who knows what they’re doing – and cares about the quality of the result – to answer them fully was brilliant. Overall, a big thumbs up!


The coaching that I have received has been bar none the best that I have ever received. I only wish that I had known about this service from the start! A major problem of mine is that when I get stuck on something, it can derail me at times, and it dents my confidence. I waste lots of time looking on the internet for answers – but not really finding what I need. The motivation and encouragement that I got from the consultation sessions is really what helped push me through this process this time around. I was able to solve my problems and get some advice on how to complete my book quickly.

About Me

I’m Colette Mason. I help entrepreneurs become published authors.

Since I started coaching, I have helped individuals and organisations publish over two thousand nonfiction books and guides. As an author, I have written, edited, published, and promoted books that have sold tens of thousands of copies. Now, I want to help you succeed with your book.

Is Colette actually any good… or worse than a Justin Bieber album on repeat?

I might look like a purple-haired rebel, but I am mercilessly professional and have accomplished some noteworthy things in the wacky world of book coaching and publishing… despite idling time away on 24-hour stints playing on Warcraft or playing air drums to metal playlists on Spotify…

Grown up stuff like this…

  • Published #1 BEST SELLERS 13 times on Amazon in just two years of starting up my (previous) publishing business
  • Author of my own books and getting featured in the press worldwide
  • International coach and speaker on how to fast track authority with content
  • Delivered multi-million dollar information publishing projects for blue-chip companies
  • Created a templated publishing system used for thousands of  UK Government titles

You ARE in safe hands

With the right help I believe every business owner can unleash the book idea that burns inside them. It’s my job to give you that help.

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