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The journey to authorship is filled with dreams, yet the stark reality is that while 80% of people harbour the ambition to publish, fewer than 1% actually make it happen. In today’s digital deluge, where over 3 million titles hit Amazon every year, even the most standout books risk obscurity amidst a torrent of hastily produced ghostwritten and uninspired AI-generated work.

Your book deserves to be more than just another title in a dusty corner of Amazon. It has the power to change minds, to influence—it should stand out.

As your book coach, my role is to help you dodge the common pitfalls and incorporate proven strategies that work. Let’s ensure your book doesn’t just reach an audience but truly captivates them, elevating your voice above the noise. Are you ready to set your story apart?

I offer premium one-on-one coaching for book covers—the most significant factor in a book’s initial success after a robust premise!—complemented by easy-to-follow PDF checklists covering everything from planning to writing, editing, crowd funding and sustained promotion. There’s also a limited amount of one-hour coaching calls each month to address anything specifc from the checklists.

Read on to find out more.



Elevate your book’s performance with a cover and description that captivates and sells. Let’s craft a market-driven visual strategy and persuasive blurb that targets your audience with precision, ensuring your book’s message isn’t just seen—it’s remembered. Let’s create the face of your book’s success.


Choosing a book cover that pleases your taste or matches your website, rather than appealing to your audience leads to a voyage of vanity, not victory.

  • Harness global sales insights: Your cover is conceived from the ground up, informed by the international sales performance of top-tier books in your exact genre. We use specialist analysis tools to harness the cold, hard data of what’s flying off the shelves to design a cover that resonates with the tastes and trends of your readers.
  • Stand out with clarity and memorability: We craft a cover that’s not just seen but remembered. A cover that cuts through the noise of a crowded market and anchors firmly in the minds of your audience, ensuring relevance and instant recognition.
  • Pen an irresistible blurb: Say goodbye to book summaries that fall flat. Your blurb will be a beacon of interest, crafted to capture attention and match the queries readers are typing into search bars, automatically connecting you with a broader audience.
  • Build trust with a professional first impression: To convert a cold audience into loyal readers, your cover must radiate professionalism. We shun amateurish efforts in favour of high-calibre design finesse, crafting an image of quality and care that secures the trust of first-time viewers.
  • Amplify your marketing success: Your cover isn’t just a ‘front page’; it’s a pivotal visual for your entire marketing campaign. It will precede and punctuate every promotional effort, providing a consistent and compelling visual cue across all platforms.
  • Establish your authority on the back cover: Your back cover is your billboard of expertise. We design it to highlight your authority and experience, ensuring it communicates your credibility and standing as a thought leader.
  • Deploy a strategy that opens readers hearts—and wallets: Your book cover and blurb are the spearheads of your author strategy. We ensure they are not merely door-openers but gateway-builders, inviting readers not just to peek inside your world but to invest in the wider value you offer, with your compelling upsells showcased at the back of the book.


LET’S UNLOCK your book’s full potential

A solid outline is your blueprint for success—it brings clarity, saves time, guides your narrative, connects with your audience, and sets the stage for a compelling argument. Ready to embark on a successful writing journey? Your outline is your roadmap!

Not planning your book outline is like not USING your Sat Nav on a roadtrip…

“Creating a comprehensive business book outline before diving into writing it is absolutely essential if you’re going to get to your intended destination on time and still sane.”

  • Have crystal-clear focus: A well-crafted outline keeps your thoughts clear, concise and logical. No-one likes a rambling book. Stay on point and avoid getting bogged down in unnecessary details and annoying tangents, ensuring your message remains impactful.
  • Target your audience: Outlining allows you to tailor your content splendidly to the needs and interests of your target audience. By keeping your dear readers in mind, you’ll create a book chock-full of valuable insights that truly resonate with them.
  • Set goals and milestones: A detailed outline helps you set clear goals and milestones for your writing adventure. This enables you to keep track of your progress, stay motivated, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure smooth sailing. It also helps with marketing, cover design, monetising your expertise and more.
  • Learn to be a true educator: An outline assists you in arranging your ideas and evidence in a logical and persuasive manner. This bolsters your arguments, making your book a truly compelling read for your audience. Decide where to add in additional support, learn how to reinforce key points, discover how to help readers apply your expertise when you’re not with them to help them.
  • Tip-top organisation: An outline offers a spiffing framework for your book, guaranteeing that your content is shipshape and flows seamlessly. This makes it a breeze for readers to follow your ideas, keeping them utterly engrossed.
  • Jolly efficient: Outlining saves you heaps of time and elbow grease by helping you spot potential hiccups and gaps in your content from the get-go. This prevents any need for drastic changes later on, saving you from a world of bother.
  • Editing like a pro: With a detailed outline in hand, you’ll find editing and revising your manuscript as easy as pie. You’ll be able to spot any inconsistencies, redundancies, or other issues that need a good polish, ultimately boosting the quality of your book.


Writing quickly, Writing well

Enhance your writing confidence, pace, precision, and effectiveness while swiftly crafting your draft book with expert support that ensures adherence to your detailed outline, reducing rework and delivering a top-notch business book in a flash! Bid farewell to rework and greet a fabulous book that brilliantly exhibits your expertise in a clear, concise, and engaging manner!HELP PACKAGES

Want to avoid rookie writing mistakes that make writing a real chore?

“Learning how to avoid rookie writing mistakes early on saves a helluva lot of pain, delay and expense trying to fix the edit…”

  • Speed up your progress: With professional coaching, you’ll accelerate your writing journey, mastering the process in no time. Wave goodbye to delays and embrace a swift, rewarding writing experience.
  • Stand-out quality: Expert coaching helps you craft a concise, well-received business book. With a bit of guidance, you’ll create a polished, well-structured draft that is guaranteed to appeal to readers and keep them hooked.
  • Dodge those dreaded errors the first time around: Seeking advice from the outset helps you avoid blunders that can lead to tedious and irksome editing later. Sidestep pitfalls and create a near-flawless first draft, saving yourself from editing headaches.
  • Breeze through editing: With a better quality first draft, your final manuscript becomes a cinch. Avoid inconsistencies, errors and omissions, redundancies, and other issues needing tweaks, ultimately boosting your book’s quality. You can focus on what it says and not dragging it back on track and fighting to correct every other sentence.
  • Win over your audience: Professional feedback ensures your content is finely tuned to your target audience. It’s sometimes easy to stray off the outline, adding in lots of additional insights, but that can mean a stodgy book that’s too advanced for your less-experienced reader.
  • Steer your course with confidence: Expert support helps you establish clear goals and milestones for your writing escapade. Maintain momentum, motivation, and make necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth and triumphant writing journey. Some people convince themselves they need two years of slog to write a book… don’t be that person, get help.
  • Captivate your reader: Expert coaching feedback as you write gives you a second pair of eyes on your teaching, to make sure it’s going to get the result you’re aiming for. Don’t make the mistake of writing in your own little bubble and finding you rambled on, droned away, or skipped something else critical.



Good editing is crucial for establishing your credibility, demonstrating your expertise, and avoiding an army of irate readers. Yes, it’s tedious, but it’s vital for author success. Don’t risk an ugly public outcry on Amazon. With the right advice, the editing process can become manageable even if you do it yourself. Stay motivated, be diligent, and give your book the polish it deserves!

DOes anybody actually want AN ANGRY READER BACKLASH played out on Amazon?

Here’s why investing time and effort in the editing process is essential for your success…

  • Enhance readability: A well-edited book is much easier to read and understand. Proper editing ensures that your ideas are presented clearly and coherently, allowing your readers to fully engage with your content.
  • Boost credibility: A polished manuscript demonstrates your dedication to quality and professionalism. By eliminating errors and inconsistencies, you’ll establish yourself as a trustworthy expert in your field, inspiring confidence in your readers.
  • Avoid negative reviews: Poor editing can lead to harsh criticism and low ratings from readers. By investing in thorough editing, you’ll minimise the risk of disappointing your audience and receiving those dreaded one-star reviews.
  • Improve your book’s marketability: A professionally edited book has a higher chance of being picked up by readers, reviewers, and industry influencers. Your book’s overall presentation and quality can make all the difference in attracting attention and generating positive buzz.
  • Retain reader interest: Readers have limited time and patience for poorly edited books. A well-edited book keeps your audience engaged, encouraging them to read further, recommend your work to others, and eagerly anticipate your future publications.
  • Gain a competitive edge: In the crowded business book market ehere anyone these days seems to be churning out a book, every detail matters. Top-notch editing can set you apart from the “just get it out there” competition, positioning you as a credible and reliable source of valuable insights. (I think you can guess what happens to the “just get it out there people in the long run.)
  • Learn and grow as an educator: The editing process can be an invaluable learning experience. By working closely with an editor or carefully reviewing your own work, you’ll become more aware of your teaching habits and areas for improvement, ultimately becoming a better expert.



Good editing is crucial for establishing your credibility, demonstrating your expertise, and avoiding an army of irate readers. Yes, it’s tedious, but it’s vital for author success. Don’t risk an ugly public outcry on Amazon. With the right advice, the editing process can become manageable even if you do it yourself. Stay motivated, be diligent, and give your book the polish it deserves!

You do know books are judged by their covers (and their interiors?)

Don’t sabotage your credibility. Here’s why you need to get your book looking as professional as those authors following the traditional publisher route.

  • Easy on the eyes: Proper typesetting ensures that your text is easy to read and doesn’t resemble a children’s book with nine words on a page or, worse, illegible insurnace small print. Your readers deserve a comfortable reading experience that keeps them engaged and coming back for more.
  • Consistent formatting: Headings should be consistent sizes and fonts, bullets should all indent by the same amount for their levels, tables and explanatory images should have captions, case studies should look like stories not teaching content, the list goes on…
  • A professional cover: They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it – we all do. A compelling and professional cover design is key to attracting readers and establishing your credibility as an author. If you decide to choose a colour scheme and fonts because it matches your business card logo, you’re heading for trouble. In reality, readers own what goes on book covers, and they vote with their wallets and attention for books that match what they are looking for.
  • A captivating blurb: A well-written book blurb entices potential readers and sets the stage for what they can expect from your book. Make sure your blurb grabs their attention and convinces them that your book is worth their time and investment. If your just write a summary of what your book covers, you won’t win over hearts and minds – and that’s what needs to happen once you’ve sold your book to all your relatives and all your business friends from Facebook…
  • Quality illustrations and diagrams: Good visuals enhance your content, making it more engaging and easier to understand. High-quality illustrations and diagrams can significantly improve the overall look and feel of your book.
  • Traditional publisher-grade look and feel: You’ve put in the hard work to write your book, so don’t let subpar presentation undermine your efforts. A polished, professional appearance is vital to compete with traditionally published books and maintain your credibility.

IMPORTANT: Remember, once your book is out there in print, making substantial changes is nearly impossible. It’s true that you can revise small things like typos, but major alterations require a second edition to be published, with the first edition lingering like a bad memory. So, do yourself a favour and invest in the presentation of your book from the get-go.



Embrace the spotlight: It’s natural to feel some apprehension about putting yourself out there, but promoting your book is essential to its success. Books don’t market themselves, so it’s up to you to champion your work and share it with the world. Embrace the opportunity to step into the limelight as an author and expert in your field.

I’m guessing after all that work you don’t want you book to sink without trace?

Underestimating promotion could lead to dismal sales. Remember, promotion is an ongoing career-long effort, crucial to your book’s lasting success.

  • Embrace the spotlight: It’s natural to feel some apprehension about putting your book out there, but promoting your book is essential to its success. Books don’t market themselves, so it’s up to you to champion your work and share it with the world. Embrace the opportunity to step into the limelight as an author and expert in your field.
  • Reap the rewards: As more and more people enjoy your book and benefit from your advice, you’ll not only feel a sense of accomplishment but also open up new opportunities as an expert and guest expert. This can lead to speaking engagements, podcast appearances, collaborations, and other exciting ventures that will help you expand your reach and influence.
  • Become a thought leader: As your book gains traction, you’ll be positioned as a thought leader in your industry. This elevated status can bring numerous advantages, from increased credibility to new business opportunities. The more your book is recognized and appreciated, the more doors will open for you professionally.
  • Build a community: Your promotion efforts can help you connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion and values. As your book garners attention, you’ll find yourself at the center of a growing community of enthusiasts who appreciate your work and support your vision. This can be an incredibly rewarding experience and a powerful motivator to continue sharing your expertise.
  • Celebrate your achievements: It’s essential to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and courage it took to write and promote your book. Be proud of your accomplishments and celebrate them! You’ve taken the leap to share your expertise with the world, and that is no small feat.
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