Colette Mason Personal Branding Trainer

Public Speaking

One of the UKs foremost usability and digital marketing consultants, Colette Mason has been involved in the UK IT industry since 1993, working as an advisor at:

  • The Metropolitan Police
  • The Post Office
  • Fujitsu
  • London Underground (London tube  transport system)
  • ITV (UK television broadcaster)
  • Euroclear (International investment bank)
  •  The Home Office (UK Government).

Colette started her IT career early, with a ZX81 home computer, aged just 12. At 15 she was working with a local business, implementing and managing their IT systems.

After earning a Bachelor of Economics honours degree from the Brunel University, London, Colette, then took up a fulltime career in IT, starting her own IT support business in 1996.

She also went on to learn how to handcode websites that year, and moved on to be a fulltime web developer in 1998, writing the code behind many household name web sites, such as the online presence for Number 10 Downing Street.

During that time, Colette turned her attention to writing usable applications and retrained as a usability practitioner, working with companies and entrepreneurs to significantly improve their strategy and return on investment.

Colette is an entertaining speaker who provides a fascinating insight into the behind-the-scenes world of information technology, and how to create successful rewarding applications for businesses and their customers.

Colette has been host and speaker for many prestigious events, covering a wide range of topics, not limited to website usability, user-centered design, corporate social media trends and online marketing for IT professionals using twitter, linkedin and facebook.

If you would like Colette to speak at one of your events, please contact her via the contact form.

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