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Microphone Reviews for Podcasting and Video Marketing

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Product Creation Tips

Podcasting is all about sharing your message with everyone that wants to listen, and it doesn’t take much to get your ideas from your head into your computer and online for the world to hear. Lots of computers include built-in microphones, and inexpensive headset mics are easy to come by and easy to use. When […]

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How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Did you know that journalists are crying out for information from informed commentators within your industry – because they are.  Journalists are researchers and communicators, not commentators on all subjects they cover (as a general rule) and so they need your help to complete their writing. Watch the video or read on… Experts can be […]

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Have You Tried These Productivity Tools?

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Mindset Tips, Product Creation Tips

I am a firm believer in systemizing what you do as much as possible. I see two big benefits: When you have a system to follow it’s easier to stay focused and see that you’re making progress If you need someone else to help you with something, you can share your process easily, making training […]

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Is Your Website Any Good At Selling You?

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Marketing Tips

When it comes to selling your products and services online, a good quality website, easy to use website is essential. People agonize over website designs, but pay very little attention to what it feels like to use the website as a customer. As a result many websites just don’t work well for their owners as […]

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3 Steps to your Online Personal Brand

Have you ever wondered what you need to do to turbocharge your online identity? How do people position themselves as experts and grow that all important loyal following? Have you tried to work out how to turn your knowledge into money while improving your online reputation? If you have, but struggled to put your finger […]

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The New Klout Rating System. How Was it for You?

I spotted this post about the new Klout rating system and how people like me, with self-hosted blogs, are getting a lower score because Klout can’t measure what’s happening on our websites – sites we’ve setup, paid for, and invested a lot of time and effort in – rather than using free hosting, that is […]

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Personal Branding and Social Media

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Marketing Tips, Personal Branding Tips

When it comes to building a high profile positive personal brand, social media is a really powerful tool, letting you explain your core messages with text, images, slideshares and video to a local or a global audience. What’s more, as well as providing free visibility, it also provides a fantastic mechanism for you to interact […]

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