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Some Tips for Making the Most of 2012

Written by Colette Mason

Topics: Mindset Tips

I thought I’d take a moment to wish you all a Happy New Year – and ask you about your plans for 2012. So many people turn their minds to some great things they’d like to better next year and I thought I’d share a few of my plans and some of the strategies I use to stay focused.

My inspiration has come from a friend of mine, John Richardson, who set himself a “1000 hour challenge” – you might find it a useful technique to try yourself.

John decided to spend 1000 hours improving his golf skills – dramatically!

1000 Hour Challanges

I have to confess I know very little about golf, but I met John at a marketing event a couple of years ago he told me what happened when he set his challenge. He says a person needs around 1000 hours to master a brand new skill and he used that as a starting point and went on to devote himself to his golf training.

After his 1000 hours, he wrote a book based on his experience, called “Dream On” which went on to become a bestseller. The book explained what happened when he spent his time on the course improving his skills to hit his goal targets, doing something others said was “impossible” if he was to keep his day job and be a good dad and husband.

Now they’re making a film about his story – he shared a link to the IMDB page. There’s not much to see right now on there but filming starts soon, he says,

What a story though. Not only did his investment in 1000 hours to improve is golf skills lead to him succeeding on the course,  but the success lives on as others get inspired by his story. Plus he became a published author and is hitting the film industry too!

My Challenge for 2012

Galvanised by John’s experience, I’ve decided to set my own 1000 hour challenge last week – (my mission which I have chosen to accept is) to study advertising and copywriting maestros and work on my written word in the wonderful world of online sales. I’ve always looked for someone else to write my sales copy for me. But really, there’s no reason why I can’t work on it myself – apart from me flapping and worrying and just not getting on with mastering it.

I am 19 hours into my challenge so far, and I have written over 5000 words of sales copy in 4 days, which I am quite pleased with. I get to test it next week when it goes live – let’s see how it performs.

So what would you like to conquer? What do you need to master once and for all? Would a 1000 hour challenge help you succeed at something that really matters to you?

Got an idea??? –  Go do it!

If you want to do some general goal setting for 2012, I did a blog post on it and you can download a free SMART goals form – if you’ve never set one before, it’s all explained.

So all that remains now is for me to wish you all a very happy 2012! And a cross off a few more hours mastering copywriting today….

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