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The Benefits of a Blog for Professionals

Written by Colette Mason

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When I first started blogging, I’ll be honest, I wondered what earth I was doing, had no clue about what to write about and thought it was a load of hyped up old nonsense. Having now run one since 2009, I can see the benefits.

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Why Bother Blogging?

There are lots of valid reasons why you should have a business blog, including to:

  • Keep learning
    You have to come up with new ideas to talk about which means you have to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry
  • Share your knowledge
    Sharing knowledge is a great way to build trust. You can feel like you’re giving too much away for free but given that the internet is full of characters trying to scam the unsuspecting, the more honest, open and trustworthy you appear, the easier it is to come across as credible and authoritative
  • Be a thought leader
    Always strive to create a new perspective on a topic when you talk about it. Combine a couple of principles together and come up with a new one, unique to you
  • Generate awareness in the market of your products/services/your personal brand
    Blogging and commenting on other people’s blogs is a great way to get your face in front of your online customers
  • Get to know other thought leaders in the space
    By engaging with high-profile bloggers and backing that up with social media connections, you’re well on your way to being associated with those people in the minds of others.
  • Obtain feedback from your audience (readers, customers, etc.) on new products and services
    I always end a blog post with a call to action asking people to share their thoughts and feelings with me so that I can understand them better and help them more.
  • Make sure your blog appears for specific terms on organic search
    Blogs are often ranked highly in search engines, and a keyword targeted blog post can bring thousands of people to your website each month. Also adding fresh content to your website helps your search engine results page ranking
  • Differentiate from the ‘big guys’
    One of the things about big business is it is less soulful, attentive and human than a smaller business. Your blog is a great way to highlight this
  • Create and manage your company perception
    A blog is different to other communications media in that it can be more relaxed and have a different angle to more formal communications like an annual report or printed brochure. It can be more “editorial” in tone and can be used to express your opinions.
  • Increase personal value; a way to self-brand
    I use my blog for this all the time. People can find out what I am doing in my work life, and also learn more about me and the unique things I offer
  • Demonstrate to your customers and users that you are capable of adapting and that you are willing to try new things
    Participating in social media and blogging is a great way to show you’re a progressive business/entrepreneur
  • Represent a form of transparency that many companies do not have when it comes to their communications
    Blogs are often synonymous with “telling it like it is”, “no BS”, “the real deal” and can help show you are a genuine, helpful business
If you’ve found your blog beneficial to your business, why not add a comment below. It would be great if you can link to your blog too.

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