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How to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

Written by Colette Mason

Topics: Marketing Tips

Sample newslettersVisitors are highly suspicious of parting with their name and email address details. Use these techniques on your business website to help reduce their fears and build your list of targeted prospects and customers.

Label your opt-in form clearly
When you are advertising or otherwise placing your link make sure that it is clear what it is for. Label it as your newsletter opt-in or email list opt-in.

Clearly promote your opt-in box on your pages.
Make sure you let people know right off that you have an opt-in list. Let them know what it is and encourage them to opt-in. It should definitely have a nice spot on your home page where it is easy to see, but does not overshadow your content. Popup windows are considered a spammy technique and people can use popup blockers. If you want to try a dynamic way of drawing attention to your optin form, a more subtle technique is the “slide up” method.

Provide a link to previous editions as samples
Give people something that will show them what they opting –in for. You need to make back issues available so that people can check them out. Let the back issues sell your opt-in list for you.

Put subscribe links in emails
Make sure that every email you send has a link in it to your opt-in page. It is a great way to get new people to sign up.

Publish testimonials about your newsletter content
Get current subscribers to write up short testimonials about your newsletter and about being part of your opt-in list. Encourage them to be positive and to tell about specific things they like.

Instill confidence and keep it
Make sure that your visitors know they can trust you. Give them reassurance that you will not misuse their information in any way. Then don’t mis-use it.

Ask for feedback from your current subscribers.
Make sure you are giving the subscriber something valuable. Do research often to find out if you could make improvements and get suggestions from subscribers.

Offer incentives
Offer your report as a free download and include a link to your opt-in page. Users are tiring of having to subscribe to get information then unsubscribe immediately after. 

Let them know what they will get
It may seem obvious, but tell them what they will be getting if they sign up. Let them know exactly what it is and how often they will be getting it. Is the newsletter monthly, weekly, daily, PDF format?

Have a privacy policy on your site and in the footer of the email.
Make sure you write up a privacy policy and that it is displayed where it can be red easily. This is a great way to get people to trust you.

Explain opt-in process
Explain the whole process of opting-in. Tell them what will happen after they sign up. If you have a double opt-in process then explain about them having to verify their email on your request received page.

Make the opt-in form easy to use
Do not make the opt-in process difficult. It really should be simple to understand and simple to do.Use a form that is simple and straightforward. Do not include anything that is confusing. Never get people to opt for “HTML” or “Text” format. it confuses then and stops them from subscribing as they ponder what that might mean. Also test it often to make sure that it is working correctly.

Ask for only for the information you need
Do not ask for a bunch of information that you do not need, especially telephone numbers. You should only ask for the information that you will need to subscribe them to your newsletter. Going overboard will raise a red-flag and reduce sign up numbers.

Have a way for them to opt out
Make sure you always have an easy option to opt-out available. This helps you to stay compliant with the SPAM laws and regulations. Include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter. Ask people why they are unsubscribing incase you had not spotted you have a problem. 

Have good content
Make sure you really are providing quality to your subscribers. You do not want to send them something that is disappointing. Give them content they are not just going to be able to go out and get anywhere. Do not publish rehashed, tired content they can get for free without registering with you, 


Analyse your subscribes and unsubscribe statistics
Make sure that you stay on top of your list and manage it well. You want to watch for turn over and other things that could signal people are really interested or not so interested and make changes as needed.

Be genuine
Make sure you really believe in everything you are telling your subscribers. If you do not believe that your newsletter is good then fix it. Just be true and your subscribers will be more likely to stick around.

Make friends with and respect your subscribers
Make your subscribers your friends by keeping them happy. Provide them with a great experience. You need to be friends because these people are your customers. You want them to feel comfortable with you and able to believe in you. They need to “know, like and trust” you if you’re going to succeed. Being their friend is the best way to do this. Write your newsletter in a friendly and approachable manner and you will make some friends. Imagine you are writing to one person, not a group to help you use the appropriate writing style.