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101 Ideas for Blog Posts

Written by Colette Mason

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It can happen to anyone, the dreaded writer’s block that comes to bloggers. When you’re building a brand and demonstrating your credibility, you need to make sure you’re posting regularly. A dusty neglected blog is always interpreted as the sign of someone who’s run out of steam – not good when you’re trying to carve out your own expert niche status.

To combat that, here’s 101 ideas for blog posts you can use to get you going again. If you have a favourite, post up a comment below and let me know! :)

1. Write a tutorial

2. Listen to some great music and let your mind wander to something random

3. Interview someone interesting

4. Write a follow up to an earlier post

5. Write a rant

6. Write a post for beginners on a specific topic

7. Read your journal (keep an idea/dream log at all times)

8. Write about “the ugly truth” about something

9. Pay attention to daily events

10. Explain a new term or concept

11. Watch a great movie

12. Review article directories for your niche

13. Create a list of your most favorite posts or websites

14. Share a really good decision you made recently

15. Draw inspiration from your children or your pets

16. Change your routine (get a whole new perspective)

17. Write about your to-do list and what you have planned

18. Watch Magazine Format TV shows

19. Run a contest/giveaway

20. Write about three wishes you would ask your genie

21. Take something complicated and break it down into a bite sized step by step list

22. Write a “____ for Dummies” post

23. Write about a famous person you’d like to be friends with

24. Do a case study/conduct an experiment – reveal the results

25. Is there a new product that has just been released?

26. Watch a sunrise or sunset and meditate for inspiration

27. Google’s auto-suggest

28. Listen to talk radio

29. Write about a quote that is meaningful to you

30. Create a mini-course from a mindmap you have and create a series

31. Praise another blogger/visionary that you really admire

32. Write about something you’d like to invent

33. Write about a success tip for your industry

34. Write about poetry or music that you have written

35. Visit your local library or bookstore and research something

36. 75 Blog Quotes For Inspiration, Creativity & Success

37. Solve a problem

38. Create some visual eye candy with beautiful pictures

39. Chec out TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

40. Talk to other bloggers and exchange ideas

41. Highlight a useful video on YouTube

42. Write a “The Best of ____” post

43. Draw inspiration from your readers, and the comments that they leave

44. Write a post to make your readers laugh

45. Write about a good or bad habit that you have

46. Create a top 10 list

47. Think about conversations you’ve had with friends in person or on the phone

48. Write a post that is for advanced readers on a specific topic

49. Is there something interesting in your email?

50. Write about ideas and places where your readers might find blogging inspiration!

51. Write about challenges you’ve faced

52. Take an idea from another industry and write about how it could work in yours

53. Write about an event you attended

54. Write about your favorite book

55. Answer a question from a reader

56. Visit online forums

57. Create a Flickr photo album and explain it

58. Create a massive series – 100 Inspirational Posts To Make You A Better …

59. Read magazine headlines

60. Tell people how to by inspired by…

61. Make a list of resources that will help your readers

62. Write about a historical event

63. Write a book review

64. Invite a guest writer

65. Video yourself doing something funny or complicated

66. Visit Your favorite blogs/websites

67. Expand on someone else’s post or comment

68. Write about new trends or new technologies

69. Check TV shows that are popular

70. Give a tour of your blog

71. Get out in nature

72. Describe something from your childhood

73. Look for some popular topics on Delicious

74. Write about your opinion on something that is different than the standard opinion

75. Pose a question

76. Write a ‘part 2’ or follow up to a previous post

77. Write about a concept design you read about

78. Write about the greatest lesson you’ve learned in your life

79. Analyze a graph, pie chart or flowchart

80. Write a stream of consciousness post

81. Conduct a poll and write about the results and your conclusions

82. Google image search

83. Interact with someone in person or in a platform like Google+

84. Write a how-to about something you do really well

85. Write about someone you love

86. Write about comment sense things that everyone should know

87. Is there something interesting in the news?

88. Write about a success story

89. Write about FAQs for your niche

90. Write a mission statement for your blog

91. Hot Topics – Inspiration for people in your industry

92. Give away secrets to your readers

93. Write about the things or people you are thankful for

94. Listen for ideas at your workplace

95. Write about the internal dialogue you have with yourself

96. Write about inspirational artwork you found online or in a gallery

97. Twitter trending topics

98. Write about the pros and cons of something

99. Write about common mistakes your readers might make

100. Go people watching

101. Write about “How to remain productive when ______”

So there you g0 – 101 ideas for blog posts. I hope this helps you get creative and get blogging again ASAP.

If one of these tips inspired you, why not post a link to your blogpost in the comments?

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  1. Great list to keep for reference Colette. I often get ideas for blog posts for my Detox blog from the latest health news or the latest celebrity diet. I use it as a springboard for my post.

  2. Adam Laurie says:

    What a great list Colette. I often struggle to put pen to paper on a consistent basis. However i can now see this list being a great help to me in the future when i need to come up with a new idea.