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Have You Tried These Productivity Tools?

Written by Colette Mason

Topics: Mindset Tips, Product Creation Tips

I am a firm believer in systemizing what you do as much as possible. I see two big benefits:

  • When you have a system to follow it’s easier to stay focused and see that you’re making progress
  • If you need someone else to help you with something, you can share your process easily, making training new team members a breeze. Although it would be brilliant to have new people join the team, fully able to mindread what you have in mind and what they need to do, it seldom works that way :)

Here are some tools I use to help me systemize what I do and work with others more efficiently. Have you tried some of these out in your business?

  • Firefox’s Most Popular Add-Ons
    Firefox add-ons can really boost  your time spent surfing. From blocking popups, to making Amazon easier to browse, there is a wide range of add-ons to suit your preferences.
  • Evernote
    The goal at Evernote is to give everyone the ability to easily capture any moment, idea, inspiration, or experience whenever they want using their smartphone or a PC, whatever’s most convenient, then to make all of that information easy to find. From creating text and ink notes, to snapshots of whiteboards and wine labels, to clips of webpages, Evernote users can capture anything from their real and digital lives and find it all anytime. Great when you’re doing web research! (Note: there’s an iPhone app for this too)
  • Basecamp
    Basecamp is an online Project management tool. Over 5 million people worldwide have used Basecamp to collaborate on over 4 million projects, track 57 million hours of work, share 46 million files, and complete 43 million to-dos. How will you use Basecamp? I use it for working with my outsourcers and also when I am creating an information product with clients/friends. It comes with an iphone app, so if you want to login with just your phone – that’s cool. You can work on the move without being weighed down with your computer.
  • Log Me In
    In a matter of minutes you can get fast, easy and secure access to remote computers (PCs and Macs) with LogMeIn. Simply install LogMeIn on the computer you want to access to gain remote control of its desktop, files, applications and network resources over the web through your browser. You can also access your PC with your smartphone with a paid app. There is a free version of the software, its hidden a little bit but it is there. (Note: I used this tool as I wrote my first ebook so I could remote control onto my PC at home – when I was sat at my desk at work, supposedly doing something  work related. As it was normal for me to be working on a Word document, no-one realized I was shirking :) . Tim Ferriss of “Four Hour Work Week” fame would be so proud!)
  • iGoogle
    I signed in and created a Google account a few years back and made it my homepage. I added key links to my online business tools using the Google bookmarks tool. Wherever I logged in in the world, I could access key information, without having to remember URLs. One of the best free tools I have ever used.
  • Passpack
    Need to share passwords with someone, or provision passwords across your company? Say Hello to Secure Sharing. With Passpack you can share one (or batches!) of passwords with single people or with entire groups. Combine that with fully integrated transfer of ownership, and password management starts looking a bit more manageable. The freebie account lets you store 100 passwords :)
  • Roboform
    Roboform makes it easy to login to your favorite websites and applications. RoboForm makes the process effortless by automatically saving, then entering your usernames and passwords. No more illegible bits of paper and post-its with logins scribbled down. Simply click and login-similar to a browser bookmark! You’ll never need to remember or type another password again. It also generates passwords that are very difficult to guess – and then remembers them for you securely.
  • DropBox
    If you need to email someone, and you’re wondering just how you’re going to manage it – set up a free account with DropBox and share a file upto 2Gb in size with others – just invite them to your dropbox and they can quickly download the file :) There’s a desktop client that comes with it too. I tend to just login and use the online one.

So what was some of my favourite productivity tools. Have I missed out your favourite? If I have, let me know! Thanks.

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