Colette Mason Personal Branding Trainer

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Struggling with your online business? Need some help with your strategy, whether that’s your business model or your website, why not chat to me about it. I offer skype consultations and private messageboard based coaching, Monday to Thursday every week.

My clients tend to want to talk about social media strategy, personal branding, information product creation and marketing, and marketing your expertise online – if that sounds like something you need help with, please do contact me.

You can book a an appointment from 30 minutes, up to an hour. I pass on a discount if you book 4 hours or more.

Solve problems quickly and easily. Let’s use my 30 years of IT experience, and 15 years web and information marketing experience, to solve your online business problems.

There’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee – if I can’t help you, there’s no charge – the risks’s all one me. You can buy safely, and with confidence using Paypal.

How It Works

Here’s what you need to do to book your appointment.

  1. Book your appointment session
  2. Use the contact form to let me know when you’re available and what you want to talk about during the session so I can prepare my response
  3. Speak to me via skype. The session can be recorded if you want to concentrate on our discussion and not wasting time or tiring your hand out  scribbling heaps of notes.

If you want to ask me first before booking a session, send me a note via the contact form.


Want To Book A Session? Here’s Your Options

A 30 minute call costs $150 – Book appointment

A 1 hour call costs $300 – Book appointment

4+ hours is $275 per hour – Book appointment

If you’re not sure if you want to book 4 hours, if you want to upgrade from the 1 hour call, to the 4 hour package after the first session, that’s fine. I’ll be more than happy to pass on the discount to you.

I really look forward to working with you!

See you soon!