Colette Mason Personal Branding Trainer

About Colette

Colette Mason is a product creator, marketing expert, web geek, author and also an inspirational speaker.

Colette Mason is the director of Inspired Interactions Ltd, a company that specialises in personal and corporate branding and online marketing and helps entrepreneurs position themselves as leading authorities to their target market. Colette has worked with companies in the public and private sector as well as a string of highly motivated individuals.

Colette is an in-demand public speaker who’s known for delivering excellent content in a straight-to-the-point way, regularly speaking to audiences ranging from 50 to 500 people and has been featured in media outlets throughout the world, including the Huffington Post, Business Today Magazine,  Australian Business Solutions and Freelancing Matters.

With over 30 years IT experience, internationally renowned IT professional Colette Mason understands how to create the perfect relationship between people, information, and technology.

Colette started her IT career early, with a ZX81 home computer, aged just 12. At 15 she was working with a local business, implementing and managing their IT systems. She has since worked with some of the largest companies in Europe including- ITV, The Metropolitan Police, Fujitsu, The Post Office and many more.

Whether you are looking to share your knowledge through a website, printed book, kindle book, or a perfectly formed social media brand, with expertise and credentials stretching across the globe, Colette is the perfect person to help you.

As well as mastering an impressive speaker presence, Colette Mason has launched her first book to help businesses tackle the hurdles in social media. Social Media Success in 7 Days (Inspired Press, £6.87, Amazon) is the definitive guide to for people new to B2B and B2C Social Media Marketing and teaches how to build effective business relationships by using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Unlike this bio would have you believe, Colette does not always talk in the 3rd person

Colette is constantly working on new products and services. More are yet to come!